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My fat old lady project.
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My Fat Old Lady... Suzuki Bandit 600cc 1998 project.... more
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пшпомомлмлмлм... more
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лаокшигпгагпопг... more
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Ffffffttfffttttt... more
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This is the continuation of my last post
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This is what I came up for turn signal mount. The picture with the tires was me trying to figure if I wanted white walls or not. Its oil markers that we use at my auto shop I work at. This is when I d... more
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1980 cx500
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I have been working on my bike over the past two winters and I was done until the stator went out against year so I redid it this winter . I did so much to this bike. It's not perfect and I'm not a pr... more
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One Trick RD Cafe from the Denmark!
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I've been mad about 2 stroke bikes since the late 70's and have had a number of Yamaha RD's since 1981 all of which have been tuned and modified Cafe Racer style. Most saw action on the drag strip. I'... more
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Almost ready to install all of the wirings... more
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Coming together
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Almost all the wiring to the m-unit is done... more
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1st time i rebuild it
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1st time i rebuilded this bike, now im starting over again with a focus on 100% quality and clean looks... more
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First look
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This is how it looked like when i first bought this one... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 08
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I took the frame up to Rob Cloutier of Bullit Custom Cycles to get the frame professionally modded. The goal was to fab a rear seat hoop and an electronics tray to fit all my goodies under the seat. W... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 07
  • complain
Here I dismantled the frong hub from the speedo drive then get the parts ready to be degreased. After degreasing comes sanding, then the buffing process begins! After 3 stages of buffing a brilliant s... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 06
  • complain
Let the sanding begin!! Tough work.. a LOT of elbow grease. I also took apart the wheels/hubs so I could shine them up!... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 05
  • complain
In this episode I took the angle grinder to the frame to cut off some of the tabs and such that I knew I wouldn't need anymore. I will be modding the frame to fit a different seat so it needs to be cl... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 04
  • complain
Finally finished the teardown by this point. I took a lot of pictures for reference so I can remember how to put things back the way they came. I also needed a lot of photos of the rear end so I can g... more
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Yamaha RD400 Rebuild
  • complain
I bought it from a friend. It had been sitting for probably over twenty years. It looked like someone tried to make it a cruising bike with the fairing/windshield, highway bars, and luggage rack.... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - 03
  • complain
I had stripped a screw on one of the side covers and needed to drill into it. It's getting closer to being completely in pieces.... more
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Hello everyone! i continue to build my Honda CB350G - 02
  • complain
Teardown took several sessions in the garage! There are a lot of little pieces and things that need to come apart, but again it was cool to see how everything worked. On the evening will make anoth... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 01
  • complain
This is the very beginning of my motorcycle building project! From when I first went to check out and purchase the 1973 CB350G from the PO (purchase owner) in September 2014. I snuggled it into the ga... more
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Travel to Iceland 2016. Part 1. The route
  • complain
Hello. So, now I will tell you about the initial stage of preparation for the trip to Iceland on the motorcycle Honda CB400SS and, in fact, the prospective route through Iceland itself. And also about... more
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Ducati for Kate, or a review of the Bete Noire custom from FD. Part 2
  • complain
* Disks. Drawing discs in three beams from the 90s, of course, is outdated and casts a shadow that is not necessary for the entire motorcycle as a whole. Initially, I really wanted to replace the whee... more
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Ducati for Kate, or a review of the Bete Noire custom from FD. Part 1
  • complain
At first glance at the Ducati Monster 600cc 2000 as a donor for the construction of the next custom, involuntarily the question arises - what can be done with it? It is stylistically self-sufficient,... more
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A motorcycle can look different ...
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We don't often see our motorcycles in such a way (deliberately disassembled to a cog). Moreover, when the motorcycle-donor, according to custom measures, is still young and fresh (2000 year of release... more
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Dnepr Brigadier, month riding - the flight is normal
  • complain
A month has passed since the day when my offspring came to life and went. Since then I have been traveling exclusively on it, the weather is really good. Now I want to tell you about engine, weighing,... more
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