Honda CB 550
Honda CB 550
24 Dec 2020

Engine mods:

Engine mods:

The stock Phillips head engine screws were replaced with a stainless steel Allen head bolt kit.
All 8 valve tappet cover seals were replaced
New clutch housing gasket was installed
New points cover gasket was installed
New head side cover seals were installed
Valve clearance was checked and adjusted
Cam chain tension was adjusted
Points were cleaned and gapped
Engine Ignition static timing was set
Various covers were polished
New intake manifold gaskets were installed
New NGK D7EA Spark plugs were installed
4 new engine cover seals were replaced
A new OEM Honda oil filter and seal was installed along with a new oil filter housing bolt.
A New Delkevic 4 into 1 Stainless Steel Header was installed
A new Radiant Cycles 2.5″ Shorty muffler was installed


Carbs were completely tore down and cleaned
Bowls and top covers were polished
Carb bodies were ceramic coated satin black
All new seals gaskets and prongs were installed
Carbs were jetted because of the pod filters and free flowing exhaust
They were fitted with 105 main jets and the slide needles were moved up 1 notch.
New carb boot clamps were installed
New pod filters were Installed


Wheels were were broken down and had the spokes re zinced
The Hubs and rims were blasted and painted with a black urethane basecoat/clearcoat
The wheel sets were re assembled, spoked, and trued
New inner rubber strips were installed on the rims
New inner tubes were installed in both wheels
New Kenda Challenger tires were installed Front 110/90/19 Rear 120/90/18

Rear brake shoes were installed with new hardware then linkages were adjusted and greased
Front brake caliper was completely stripped , blasted, and rebuilt. A new piston, new seal, new bleeder screw and new pads were installed. Then the bodies were Painted black and clear coated.
A new Braided Stainless Steel brake line kit was installed.
A new master Cylinder was installed along with new brake fluid.

Electrical system:

The wire harness was removed and all terminals were cleaned
A new headlight with integrated LED turn signals was installed.
A new 32 LED brakelight, tail light, and turn signal unit was installed on a custom fabricated bracket which mounts flush under rear seat for a clean look.
A new electronic LED flasher was installed
2 new LED turn signal resistors were installed
A new horn was installed
A new mini speedometer was installed
A new KMG Battery was installed
Any unnecessary gauges or lights were eliminated for a clean, simple look


Front forks were disassembled, cleaned, and new fork seals and oil were installed. They were raised through the trees for a lower profile and 3/4″ pre load spacers were installed in the forks to stiffen up the front and minimize travel.
Rear Shocks were replaced with new Adjustable Shocks

Bodywork, control:

New clip ons were installed
New bar end left mirror was installed
Original clutch cable was lubricated and reinstalled then adjusted for a proper release
Original throttle and choke cables were cleaned, lubricated, installed and adjusted.
A new drive chain was installed along with new chrome chain tensioners.
A new curved license plate bracket was installed
The original seat pan was blasted, fabricated and repainted for the look of the bike and uses all the factory mounting points and the original seat lock. It was then sent to be professionally upholstered.
The tank was sandblasted and repainted using a urethane base coat/ clear coat system. Destroyer grey with a black side panel. The side covers were also redone with new 550Four lettering integrated in the paint scheme. The paint was then wet sanded and thoroughly polished to a show quality finish.
The stock rear fender was shortened, sand blasted and painted to match the tank paint scheme.
The front fender was shortened, sandblasted and painted Destroyer Grey to match the tank.
A Stock 74 Honda tank emblem set was stripped and restored , mounted on the tank.
The inside of the tank was de rusted and had a new tank liner installed
A new petcock and fuel line was installed

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