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KTM Duke 390
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Dreams about an electric cycle while having the KTM
KTM Duke 390
KTM Duke 390
06 Feb 2018

Dreams about an electric cycle while having the KTM

Someday, maybe next year, I'll definitely buy an electric motorcycle to replace the current Duke 390. Exclusively for commuting and small weekend riding.
In this season, I was stopped only by two factors:
1) The reduced budget due to moving to the other end of the globe;
2) The fact that Zero Motorcycles is not supplied to New Zealand, and the nearest dealer is in Australia, but I still want to test several models before buying, to decide (I choose between Zero DS and DSR).
There are definitely more advantages in buying of such an aggregate:
1) The availability of a large number of outlets for recharging, even in the most unexpected places.
2) Low noise level. Many riders can say that this is a minus, since a quiet motorcyclist is even less able to attract the attention of the driver, but it will not be necessary to look for the most-quiet-and-comfortable-helmet. Now I ride in the LS2 integral of the Rookie FF352, only with earplugs or earbuds, otherwise even after a couple of hours of driving my head is buzzing. Before that, there was Lazer Kestrel Deep HV - a similar problem.
3) Potential to receive tax benefits - New Zealand seeks to develop an electric transport infrastructure.
4) Although the electric cycles do not beat high-speed records, they keep 100-120 km/h confidently. And I do not need more - fines in the country are high.
Have you ever really thought about buying an electric motorcycle?

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