KTM AG Invests Its Future in Kids, Increasing the Production of Electric Sport Minicycles
KTM AG Invests Its Future in Kids, Increasing the Production of Electric Sport Minicycles
25 Jul 2022 Industry
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It's impressive how certain flames come over us just to make us reborn and certain storms pour over us just to make us stronger. So was the case of KTM AG, for whom the pandemic period was a favorable moment in which to better strengthen its roots in people, especially employees (keeping them together), but also for people to come to them, in search of fun and adventure after their freedom of movement was restricted for so long.


2020 was the year in which the (e-)bikes section of KTM AG experienced a significant increase, with a demand of over 33.5% as people needed other types of transport (more independent) once the pandemic started. Also, as the lockdown set in, people looked for different ways to spend time in their yard or near their home, alone or with their family, thus increasing people's interest in quiet motorcycles that did not pollute the environment.


Now, that the industry is in bloom, KTM AG has decided to address children and the young generation, bringing them on its side with more electric products since these kids are born in the era of advanced technology, grow up in the era of e-mobility and are much more receptive to changes, compared to the old generations.


This is how this weekend, the famous two-wheeled brand took advantage of the North America Dealer Summit event to highlight its electric sport minicycle line. It has everything for everyone, from young beginners to those who are experts in riding, worth mentioning new models like the SX-E 3, EE 3 and the MC-E 3. KTM AG announced its strategy to introduce more than 20 new models (from all KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS brands) until 2025, in order to encourage young riders to pursue their passion, whether they are just starting out or are already winners in competitions.


KTM was proud to share its views with other dealers (close relationships are an important aspect for the company), to feel the capabilities of the new models by riding them, and to reveal future plans that include sustainability, as Florian Kecht, the Chief Sales Officer at KTM AG said.


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