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wiring jobb
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Wiring job on this boy is not easy... more
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Wiring connection
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Hi guys, new around here, i own 2011 600. I got it home and figured I’d start looking a little deeper. I decided to look at the air cleaner to be sure it didn’t need replaced. It was a K&N that wa... more
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Dreams about an electric cycle while having the KTM
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Someday, maybe next year, I'll definitely buy an electric motorcycle to replace the current Duke 390. Exclusively for commuting and small weekend riding. In this season, I was stopped only by two fact... more
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Lamp error code
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Just installed rear LED blinkers on 2012. I used OEM harness and put male connectors on blinker wires so I could use OEM female connectors. Left one work perfect. Right one works normal for few second... more
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Help! Running Rough
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Having problems keeping the bike running. I turn it on, fuel pump primes and everything, start it, and can only get it going with serious throttle, once at 7000+ RPM's it is flawless. Back down to idl... more
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Fixing wiring harness
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I'm trying to get rid of all the electrical parts with I don't need. I'll keep the Speedo and the Neutral light.... more
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Electrical issues - Rectifier keeps failing
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I am having issues with my GSXR 600 for the past two years. This is my third Rectifier in the last one year and since the rectifier is under warranty I am lucky to get it replaced for free by Rick Mot... more
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Wiring a new TST Industries integrated rear tail light.
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Took less than an hour to install and came out really good! Cost me 120 bucks and well worth it!... more
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Burnt chip
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During the inspection, electricians found only one burnt chip. This chip starter relay. but I have 2 problems , still only two ideas. The first is a sensor throttle position (which is not sold separa... more
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I started google on this problem, and everywhere write that there is a common mistake vfr800 2002-2006 . Weak mass and as a consequence heat up and melt some of the electrical connectors. I clearly we... more
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