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Ducati for Kate, or a review of the Bete Noire custom from FD. Part 1
Ducati Monster 600
Ducati Monster 600
30 Nov 2020

Ducati for Kate, or a review of the Bete Noire custom from FD. Part 1

At first glance at the Ducati Monster 600cc 2000 as a donor for the construction of the next custom, involuntarily the question arises - what can be done with it? It is stylistically self-sufficient, original already in its stock form and hardly fits any generally accepted customary directions. At the same time, from a technical point of view for 17 years, the motorcycle not only has not fallen behind the current engineering tendencies of motor industry, and even it can be said to be on the crest of a wave.

Telescopic fork inverted in front, pendulum with central shock absorber and progressive rear characteristic, frame - branded "bird cage" made of steel pipes, Brembo disc front and rear brakes, desmodromic valve system, hydraulic clutch, etc. Perhaps add a console pendulum and ABS and you'll get a full set of modern, advanced naked.
And I generally keep quiet about the aura of the brand Ducati, because everywhere you'll find solid brands and legends. Fabio Taglioni and Miguel Galuzzi are responsible for it!

But nevertheless, if you look at the motorcycle soberly and unbiased, it is easy to consider the "weak spots", which, with careful intervention, can be changed and improved with little blood. Of course, with the proviso that this is all subjective and individual, just one more author's interpretation.

Details of the project.
* The concept and color solution.
A girl and Ducati - a combination, in my opinion, beautiful from any side. Moreover, when a girl has a delicate taste, is full of creative energy with the desire to move on something unusual and individualized.

Bete Noire - the phrase, which became the name of the project, is nothing more (in French), like the Black Beast. In order all this do not look so menacing and categorical, a stylized Axolotl, a small, amusing reptile, who once lived in the aquarium at the hostess, became the logo.

Since the beast is black, the main color of the motorcycle is also black. In contrast, there are also polished metal inserts lacquered. Bird's cage, as a punch line of Ducati is highlighted in a separate color - a brown metallic.

* Tank and frame.
The first thing that confuses the "cafe raiser" look, is the same notorious bird cage and the shape of the tank. These two details separately are worthy of admiration by their form, design and manufacture. But connected together on a motorcycle, they completely violate one of the fundamental laws of a slender silhouette - the most straight horizontal. Because of this the visual failure appears in the center, and the tail part is too upturned.

Having made several sketches, I found out that everything is solvable by minimal interference in the design. The rear part is lowering and shortened by a different design and shape of the seat, and on the tank, with the help of color, the accents are shifted, it means a necessary area is allocated, which will divert attention from the failure and straighten the horizontal.

* Engine and Plow.
Perfect in every sense, the L-shaped 600 cc Ducati motor, due to its similar location on the motorcycle, has one visual drawback - a nondescript, stunted exhaust manifold of the lower cylinder, which can not be looked at without tears. It is necessary to cover it with something urgently. "Plow" with a classic part, pointed to the front, very often fits, because in addition to the protection of the collector can also make the silhouette wholeness and get an additional element - a highlight. In my case, the "plow" came out not quite the standard shape, in its frontal part it is rounded.

To be continued...

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