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07 Nov

Day 28 - Noosa to Brisbane - 152kms

I woke up early but was still feeling a bit "tired" from all the New Years Eve dancing so we had a sleep in and a leisurely pack up. We then rode to Bli Bli and hit up the cable park to start 2014 off with some action sports! For anyone who doesn't know what a cable park is, it's a cable running on pulleys around a lake that drags wake boarders through a rectangle shaped obstacle park of rails, boxes and kickers. I finally got a Raley off one of the kickers. It's a little different cutting hard into a plastic ramp than into the wake but after a number of ugly attempts I got them sorted. I'm still hopeless at rails though and will need some serious practice when the new cable park is built in Perth.
On another note there is a very good cafe called The Quirky Circle right past the cable park with excellent breakfast with lots of gluten free items for all you non gluten eating people. (Not sure what it's actually called)
One thing these Moto rides are not good for is an even tan. To start with the gap between my glove and my jacket on my left arm has given me a brown/red band where my watch should go. (see picture) I'm not sure why I don't get it on my right arm but it's either my arms are different lengths or my jacket arms are different lengths. I prefer to think that I'm symmetrical and all of my jackets are uneven so that's what we'll go with. My neck is red enough to make even the most die hard NASCAR fan jealous and I've got a v-neck tan where my jacket was unzipped for a day in hot weather. And then on to my shoulder. If you look back at day 13 or 14 I got a nice burn on my shoulder from my motorcycle exhaust when working on my bike. Jason Wilson was quick to point out that it looked exactly like a penis. Now I have a scar on my shoulder that looks just like a penis too and seems to stand out even more when I get tan. It's been about a year now and it doesn't seem to be going away so I may be the first guy to have to get a dick scar covered with a tattoo. Ohh well, I think Alicia likes the patchwork of tan and scars that cover me and makes me look like I'm wearing some sort of beach camo.
One more leg of the trip done and lots of new memories and experiences to exaggerate and tell stories about for many years.

Alicia's Comments:

Spending a week with Chris made me re-evaluate what I am doing with my life.....JOKES!

It was a fully sik moto road trip and great to end it with some cable even though I was so exhausted from the previous 6 days of riding and New Years partying.....So exhausted it was an extreme challenge for me to take off from the dock. I had some pretty embarrassing stacks leaving me battered and bruised. Once I was out there I was all good hitting kickers and stuff but that bloody dock was nearly the death of me that day. I imagine the boys working on the cable are entertained all day with incompetent people like me.

After cable we had another half hour ride to our Brissy storage place where Christopher screamed out parts needed for the next trip while I recorded with good old fashioned pen and paper.

We jumped in a taxi to the airport in which our plane was delayed 2 hours because the machine to fuel the plane broke down and they had to do it manually. They nearly cancelled the flight which we would have had to stay an extra night but luckily jumped on in the end. An extra 2 hours in the Qantas lounge just meant we drank an extra 2 hours of wine and ate an extra 2 hours of cheese and brownies.

I may not make the next leg of the Moto trip if Christopher's pa and younger bro come over 'BOYS MOTO ROAD TRIP' but will be there to fill in if that plan falls through :) Thanks babe for taking me with you. Love you forever x

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