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Day 55 - Mann River, New South Wales to Brisbane Queensland - 435km
  • complain
Last night in a whiskey fuelled decision I decided I was going to take home a large piece of Blue Gum wood to carve into something. In the daylight it was much bigger and heavier than I expected but I... more
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Day 54 - Moree to Mann River - 359km
  • complain
We jumped back into the hot springs in the morning just to be safe and then rode east. The terrain started to change from desert to grassy meadows and eventually a rainforest by the end of the day.... more
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Day 53 - Louth to Moree - 589km
  • complain
I woke up feeling a bit seedy from the night before and the bartender who served us beer all night was the same one to cook us breakfast in the morning. We hit the road and our progress was slowed by... more
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Day 52 - Menindee to Louth - 391km
  • complain
The Robbery! While camping in New South Wales last night, I got robbed again. Last time it was on the coast when some bastard stole my helmet, gloves, money and sunnies. This time we caught them in th... more
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Day 51 - Angaston, South Australia to Menindee, New South Wales - 510km Chris versus Kangaroo!
  • complain
I made it all around Australia without any major wildlife issues and the day after finish I smack a kangaroo at full speed. I was just minding my own business on a remote dirt road North of Morgan whe... more
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Day 50 - Kingston to Adelaide - 339km
  • complain
Today we completed the trip around Australia with our return to Angaston where it all began Christmas Day 2012. I put over 20,000 kilometres on the KTM, went through 10 tires, broke countless items, c... more
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Day 49 - Portland, Victoria to Kingston, South Australia - 377km
  • complain
My day began with a cup of coffee and a set of tire irons to change Alicia's front tire.For some reason every bicycle or motorcycle she gets on ends up with a flat and when I offer to teach her to cha... more
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Day 48 - Melbourne to Portland - 377km
  • complain
This leg of the journey is split into two sections. The first is from Melbourne to Adelaide with Alicia which will complete my entire lap around Australia. The trip doesn't end there as I have moved a... more
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Day 47 - Bridport, Tasmania to Melbourne, Victoria - 274km
  • complain
This was the 47th day of my ride around Australia and after everything I had broken jumping the bike (Forks, Handlebars, Spare Fuel Tank, Fuel Can, License Plate, Chain Guard, etc..) you'd think I wou... more
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Day 46 - Swansea to Bridport - 330km
  • complain
Today was my day for creepy crawly's. It started as we were riding down Dolphin Sands Peninsula to take a look at Freycinet National Park and some large winged insect flew up the front of my helmet an... more
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Day 45 - Sorell to Swansea - 261km
  • complain
Today was 100% dirt and we put some significant wear and tear on the bikes. We followed logging trails through the woods and up and down mountains. We turned down a particularly rough road trying to g... more
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Day 44 - Hobart to Sorell (via Port Arthur) - 175km
  • complain
I found something out about myself today while riding and listening to music. My speed relative to the speed limit is directly related to who I'm listening to. Below is a list of artists and there eff... more
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Day 43 - Queenstown to Hobart - 278km
  • complain
I awoke to a loud boom and the room shaking as a violent thunderstorm rolled through. Then I remembered the old guy we rented a cabin from in Arthur River saying "Weathers changin', that NorWest... more
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Day 42 - Arthur River to Queenstown - 255km
  • complain
Chris: Hey pops, what did you think of today's ride? John: I crashed more today than I have in the past ten years of riding combined. Chris: It's good to be challenged isn't it! John:........... more
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Day 41 - Melbourne, Victoria to Arthur River, Tasmania - 337km
  • complain
I realised after looking at my beaten and dirty motorcycle that I have been riding around Australia for over two years with my first day being December 25th 2012. Whenever I finally make it home she w... more
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Day 40 - Fish Creek to Melbourne - 195kms
  • complain
Fish Creek, Victoria is a quiet place on Sunday mornings and we wandered around for about an hour until we accepted that nothing but the gas station was going to be open before 9AM. I resorted to eati... more
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Day 39 - Mirboo to Fish Creek - 174kms
  • complain
After steak and eggs (pretty sure the steak was one of the cows I petted on my last trip here) we went on a Platypus expedition following the stream down the property line. We didn't see any Platypi b... more
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Day 38 - Mirboo to Mirboo - 132kms
  • complain
Yep, we didn't make it far this day. After a long sleep in, a late breakfast and some final maintenance on the bikes we had some of the leftover lasagna for lunch. I had a hankering for hot sauce so I... more
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Day 37 - Melbourne to Mirboo - 292kms
  • complain
After three solid days of snorkling, biking, wakeboarding and motocross Alicia and I boarded the overnight flight from Perth to Melbourne and were so stiff we barely made it off the plane. We were zom... more
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Day 36 - Mirboo to Melbourne - 220kms
  • complain
We woke up to a nice breakfast and then went for a tour of the farm. It had been raining for a while so we slip and slid around the rolling hills and added some nice black mud and cow poo to the red d... more
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Day 35 - Bemm River to Mirboo - 374kms
  • complain
The rain was bucketing down and the wind was blowing it sideways as I tried to figure out how to repair and reassemble the exhaust I'd taken apart in the dark last night after a few beers. We were abl... more
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Day 34 - Braidwood, New South Wales to Bemm River, Victoria - 418kms
  • complain
I awoke in the middle of the night and had to wander down the barely lit hallway of the late 1800's era hotel we were staying in to find the bathroom. It looked and felt so much like the Shining I was... more
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Day 33 - Lithgow to Braidwood - 354kms
  • complain
Today was a bit of a struggle for us. It started out nicely with some light rain and tight twisty corners down to Jenolan Caves. The caves exceeded our expectations with the road actually passing thro... more
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Day 32 - Gloucester to Lithgow - 402kms
  • complain
Our day began with breakfast at Roadies Cafe in Gloucester which caters to motorcyclists with their vintage bikes, helmets and racing photos all around the restaurant. They heard our sob story of miss... more
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Day 31 - Buccarumbi to Gloucester - 415kms
  • complain
My rock was still warm when I woke up and it was hard to leave it and my tent for the frigid morning mountain air. Everything was were we left it this morning so happy there weren't any thieves in Buc... more
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