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Memories of the first bike
Honda CBR 250RR
Honda CBR 250RR
17 Jan 2020

Memories of the first bike

It all started with one photo

One of my friends ride on a motorcycle and I was very attracted to his helmet, I put it on and he took a picture of me.

It is worth saying that in my personal life at that time I did not get along, wearing a helmet reminded me how I really always wanted a motorcycle and I decided to go to a motorcycle school.

On the same day, I signed up (it was Tuesday) for Saturday

And in the evening of the same day, I went to Ebay to see what there is on the helmets. There was no money for a motorcycle anyway, and I think I can afford a helmet - it will not be lost.

I bought a helmet.

The next day, I told my friend about it, and he suggested looking for a motorcycle.

On Saturday, before the first session at the motor school, we went to watch CBR.

As soon as I saw it, I realized that I must buy it by all means! I quickly found the money and at the beginning of the week I became the owner of my baby.

Ahead of us was waiting for a lot of adventures and new friends from the Moto hangout. Romantic adventures, night trips around the city and a completely wonderful season.

I bought a motorcycle with a mileage of 2.5 K km, over the summer we drove about 7K.

For all time on service - oil once, arcs (engine protection) and a chain.

I never had any problems with it, except that I grew up with it quickly enough.

In General, the CBR is an ideal bike for a beginner and for a girl-light, maneuverable, consumption of 2.5-3 liters /100 km

I never regretted that I took it as the first bike

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  • deleted 17 Jan 2020
    fabulous girl!! 🏍🏍🏍
    • Wanda Rise 26 Mar 2020 author
      deleted, 😊 thank you!
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