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Just got back on two wheels 3 weeks ago
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On my 2008 gsxr 600... more
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I got a new bike! :)
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Hello everyone, I'm new here.
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Hello, my name is Roman, I have been living in Illinois since 1990. I've been riding a motorcycle since 2002. drove about 130,000 miles across the US. Until 2002, I thought that only crazy people ride... more
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Memories of the first bike
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It all started with one photo One of my friends ride on a motorcycle and I was very attracted to his helmet, I put it on and he took a picture of me. It is worth saying that in my personal life... more
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First look
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First tim i got to take a look at my beamer... more
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The history of my Suzuki Desperado 800X
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This history proves that there are motorcycles that you do not want to sell, but want to keep and ride for many years. This happens rarely, but... It was 2007. As often happens, I did not plan to buy... more
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My Izh Jupiter 5 "Invader"
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I bought a bike a couple of months ago ... and the weekend was doomed to spend in the garage ... I looked at Assault Royal Enfild))... more
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Once again about Magna 250
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I will not be the first who shared their impressions of the average Magna, but I really want to support! It was my favorite bike during 4 seasons. I'm happy! Good and reliable motorcycle! There were a... more
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New bike
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Buyimg this yamaha xvs650 classic for my first bike what ya think.... more
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The beginning of this story...)
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Hello friends! I'm so happy from the fact that it's time when I can share with you great news! Despite the fact that the insurance company hasn't taken a decision in my case yet, there are other joyfu... more
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Evaluating Old Honda Twins - Six Easy Steps
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I am reposting this gem of information for HondaTwins.net. Original post has been removed. It was an invaluable piece of information for me as a beginner, so it is my hope that other beginners will fi... more
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Autumn is a great time to buy a motorcycle. Yamaha XVS 950A Midnight Star - review.
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Having left two seasons on my Dnepr Falcon and Brigadier, I suddenly felt the need for something more heavy, powerful, and with a fundamentally different approach to motor-building than the Soviet one... more
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How I bought a motorcycle (KTM 390 Duke) in New Zealand
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The purchase of this motorcycle was spontaneous. On a sunny winter day, July 23, I went to test the sub-KTM in the salon of the official dealer. It may seem strange, but the Austrians are quite popula... more
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Fat Bob 2018 by Rusty Butcher
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Those who follow my publications have probably heard about the brand Rusty Butchers and know exactly who Mark Atkins is. For those who are too lazy to seek, I will briefly describe. From a young age A... more
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Shut up and take my money!
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After a year on the Honda CB125F, as I think I've gained enough experience to understand what this bike is little too small for me, and I want something more.And I began to choose. In my head I had th... more
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As I was transporting my bike ))
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I bought my bike 300 miles from home )) I only had cash and my car ) I can't leave the car far from home ) so I put the bike in the trunk =)... more
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