Yamaha YZF R3
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My first motorcycle
Yamaha YZF R3
Yamaha YZF R3
23 Jun 2020

My first motorcycle

My first ever motorcycle was the Yamaha R3. My absolute dream bike when I was 20 years old and when I had to choose within the small assortment of A2 (restricted power). I loved the design and aggressiv riding position. I bought it by a Yamaha dealer with the Akrapovic exhaust system which was extremely loud! I felt the king of the road and I coudn’t be happier taking the bike home with me. Sadly enough I wasn’t in the possession of a motorcycle license😂 I had to look how she was patiently waiting for a few months! Highly recommend the bike for beginner riders and even advanced riders who do not necessarily want to drive fast! Learned a lot and had a lot of fun on it. After a year or so, I sold it because I wanted to step up with the power :)

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