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Tire Pressure for Street
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R
27 Sep 2020

Tire Pressure for Street

I'm currently running the Michelin Pilot Road 3 and did a little outing on one of my favorite roads. The road is really tight, with descending hairpins, slow sweeping turns etc. I guess this is the Austin version of Muholland Drive. Basically a lot of braking and accelerating point but nothings even close to triple digits.

I decided to run 38 F- 36 R and after 25 minutes of fun decided to stop to digest were I made mistakes etc. I felt the tires and couldn't recall having them get that hot. Granted it was a 90 degrees day but...

At no time did I feel the tire breaking loose but my lean angle was conservative and I was focusing more on proper corner entry rather than fast exit.
So my question is, what is acceptable hot tire pressure for street tires? How many PSI should the tire get when hot?

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  • romanpanich 27 Sep 2020
    I've settled on 37/37 for aggressive road riding with the 14, strikes a good balance between turn in and grip. Temp should rise about 4 to 6 degrees. Is your rear tire getting hot enough to get greasy, if not I'd say your fine.
    I'm running 34/34 on the smaller machines on the road. Dunlop recommends 32/32 for the Qualifier for track days and slightly higher for aggressive road or canyon riding. This is for liters and 600s however, the 14 is heavier and needs a little more pressure front and rear.
    • Green Rob 27 Sep 2020 author
      romanpanich, Hey, yeah the 14 is hard to dial in pressure wise. I have stiff suspensions so I initially thought a low pressure up front was good, but the turning isn't sharp enough! 38 is pretty good, I'm not sure I would be able to tell the difference if I lowered it down to 37. Like you said I should be fine, tire didn't get greasy/blue/slippery but because the PR3 are more on the touring side I don't wanna get them too hot or even close to the limit. I was surprised to get them that hot (their temps definitely rose more than 6 degrees) since I'm running BST's but again they are sport/touring tires but probably don't respond to sub OEM pressure like 50/50 tires.
  • Russell Taylor 28 Sep 2020
    Always follow the tire manufacturers' recommenfation
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