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My little Z
  • complain
New to Riding, I had a problem with my bike while riding it out on Monday morning, it made a loud popping noise and some smoke was coming from the front of the bike! Would this of been water splashin... more
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Need help..
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Trying to remove this caliper from the bracket, brake stay whatever.. Line is removed the 11mm bolt with grommet (pic 2) is fully backed out and the "pin" (pic 3) doesn't move!... more
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suzuki 1- Lee 0
  • complain
So the bikes striked again... Fine all last week and this morning, come to tonight to go home from work and nope... Nothing.. Won't start, no mileage showing, clock reset to 1:00. Im thinking dead ba... more
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Best Cartridge For Front Forks
  • complain
Looking to replace the OEM front springs with cartridges. Looking for something that does not jar your body over a manhole cover. Important to me is dampening and rebound. Price is important however I... more
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How to you guys install modifications or work on your bike without a garage?
  • complain
So basically today I was working on my bike a bit (just cleaning and installing frame sliders and a USB charger, basic stuff) and my HOA fined me because that’s not allowed. I can’t even wash it. D... more
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Please,need help! 4 codes for all four injectors
  • complain
Need some input if anyone may have any ideas. My bike seems to be jumping/cutting in and out real hard at high rpms. Use to only do it every now and then on a wheelie playing with the throttle real qu... more
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I need master link
  • complain
My master link on my cbr just broke and it wasn't the lock pin side. It was the factory back side that just came off. I thought those were not suppose to come off so easily. My chain says 525 on it... more
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Gearbox Rebuild
  • complain
Christmas 2016, I gave myself a project to rebuild the gearbox of my broken engine and put it back into this bike, original engine back in so to speak. I bought this bike in 2013 when only 3 months l... more
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Manual “How to repair a bent disk and what to do next”.
  • complain
After the accident the right front brake disc was slightly bent of about 4-5 mm inside. I thought, that I would be able to fix it at home and without using any special tools.So let's start, here is th... more
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Clutch replacement R1 2007
  • complain
I've done a wheelie and I killed the clutch =( I only take OEM . There's just a lot of disks... And being different, in different sizes and different thickness. Part No. Thickness 4B1-16324-00 1.6 mm... more
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Carburateur problem. Gas in air filter
  • complain
After i cleaned the bike the last time, tried to start it a few times. Runned at just one cillinder (one, out of two, exhaust got warm) Checked the sparks + cables, cleaned the sparks and cleared the... more
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My new project. Started the cleaning.
  • complain
Hello, i'm Ilja his girlfriend.. it's my project, witch i buyed last month, just to learn someting more about the inside of the bike. No hurry, just for fun when i have time and want to. Guy sayd he... more
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To Build or move on?
  • complain
When I had bought the bike it had come with an extra engine.So with the encouragement of a friend, we set to building a new motor. First I pulled both engines I had apart down to the bolts. My Cylinde... more
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