Yamaha FZ6R - Merlot
Yamaha FZ6R - Merlot
07 Nov 2020


It’s been about a year since I’ve ridden her. Between the track bike and the cruiser I just haven’t made the effort to get her out. I’ll be honest she’s always intimidated me a bit.
This summer, though, I set some goals. Taking the Ride 2 Live course with the police was life changing. I’ve also focused more on my physical fitness as well as being more aggressive when I’m on the track. The seat time traveling on the cruiser has gotten me used to the world moving past me at higher speeds.
Today I was ready. I geared up and headed out solo. It took a little bit to get familiar with the controls again, but a few miles in it all fell into place. Dreamy is the only word I can think of that works. Just dreamy.
I definitely will ride her more in the weeks to come. It’s gonna take a bit for my muscles to build tolerance for longer rides but I will get there.

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