Honda XR 100 Motard - world record mini bike
Honda XR 100 Motard - world record mini bike
28 Nov 2020

Nov 27 & 28

Day 208. Got the Harley out yesterday. Nice ride in the country. The bike is missing badly and really just barely clears up once my ride is over. I’ve taken several short rides and I have been thinking about plugs at next oil change. After I straightened the shop to let the bike cook plus give me room to work on it, the bike wouldn’t start. Only hits in one cylinder occasionally so I pushed it into the shop, fought to remove a rusty spark plug and it was black/all fouled and rusty on the outside. I suspect these are the original plugs that came in the bike. Day 209, went to Appleton’s and bought plugs. When I got home I didn’t put them in the bike but I did try to work on my shadow. Couldn’t as the dogs wouldn’t leave me alone. So...pulled out the world record mini bike and rode it. Felt good to be on 2 wheels, even if they are little wheels.

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