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Hi everyone. This thread will catalogue my progress to build a TR7 Tiger Trail special.
Triumph Tiger 750
Triumph Tiger 750
1 month ago

Hi everyone. This thread will catalogue my progress to build a TR7 Tiger Trail special.

I only have a frame and some forks from 1978 to start me off so it's not really a rebuild or a restoration. I have no history with the bike, just a burning desire to get this pile of nuts and bolts back on the road where she belongs.

I used to ride Les Harris TR7 Tigers as part of the White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team - part of the British Army and had three great years tooling round Europe with 24 or so of these beasts.

Here I am putting one through the fire jump in 1990 If my memory serves me right

Anyway - fast forward to this year and I was browsing through a website called Bonnefication - dedicated to customising the T100 Bonneville when I came across an article on this bike put together by a guy called Steven Robson - it absolutely took my breath away and set me thinking - I could do that!

So now I have the bug and an itch to scratch. I've managed to get hold of a frame and forks from a T140 from 1978, some wheels from the same era and I'm going to try and mash up a bike in the spirit of a TR7 Tiger Trail, but with references and homage paid to the bikes I used to ride.

Anyway - I'm concerned that such a project might fall foul of the purists and I'll go down in flames. Is this something that this forum can embrace or am I in the wrong place? I will need lots of advice and support because I'm a good tinkerer but a crap mechanic. When I do get an engine I'm probably going to farm out the work, but the frame and rolling chassis is all mine.

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