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Smart Motorcycle Gloves by Lab Brothers LLC
Smart Motorcycle Gloves by Lab Brothers LLC
07 May 2017 Gear and accessories
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Do you often ride a bike? I know for sure, that you have to stop many times just to look at a map or to find out the necessary direction, asking others? You have to admit, that it’s exhausting to use the GPS on your smartphone, because how will you manage to look at it while riding? Good news! Atlanta-based biker Steven Friedlander has found the solution you’ve been looking for. He’s invented driving gloves, which will help you to get lost only if you want to.

TurnPoint Smart Glove takes a GPS map application on the paired phone. Thanks to conductive thread and a pocket on the back, the device connects with the user’s phone wherever it can be. Currently the application is available only in iOS version, when an Android one is just planned.126140590f194d06a83.jpg

It uses a Bluetooth LE device to display turns and distances from a GPS map app . This is the simplest way to see instantly where to go without any modifications to your motorcycle. This device uses super bright LEDs to alarm you in time about distance to turns and which direction to ride. The rider can also check the necessary information manually by putting the thumb and forefinger of the glove together. The smart glove is fitted with a rechargeable battery that last about 8 hours of riding. So, having this battery powered device, you can see the LEDs without distracting you from watching the road.

The TurnPoint device is being constantly improved, and in the nearest future it can be fitted with other advanced features, such as a compass or battery life display. These innovations can make the smart glove even better.

Unfortunately, the device isn’t available till the next January, if everything is according to the plan. The TurnPoint Smart Glove will sell for $249.

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