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A BMW R80RT cafe racer by Moto Adonis

  • Nov 28 2018 12:27 PM GTM
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The modern concept of the cafe racer has strongly evolved since it was first created in 1950s in London. The first cafe racers were simply production motorcycles with more powerful engines. They were usually equipped with clip-ons and knee-indents in the fuel tank. All superfluous parts were removed to make the bike lighter (fenders, chain guards, side covers, and sometimes even headlights).


A modern cafe racer is a vague concept. They refused from the original concept, but still try to follow the usual look.

The photo shows the BMW R80RT cafe racer, made by Moto Adonis.


  • tank from a Honda CB500
  • custom subframe with integrated LED indicators
  • custom seat, upholstered in leather and Alcantara
  • inverted forks, sourced from a Suzuki GSXR SRAD
  • front and rear wheels: matte black aluminum discs, Shinko tires
  • the license plate and brake light were moved to the righthand side
  • handlebar: clip-ons with new Motogadget grips and Motone switch gear
  • new headlight
  • Motogadget bar-end blinkers
  • custom 2-into-1 exhaust with an integrated muffler under the seat
  • Motogadget M-Unit Blue speedo