Motorcycle rider is going to the coldest place on Earth
Motorcycle rider is going to the coldest place on Earth
05 Feb 2019 Others
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Lithuanian motorcycle rider, Karolis Mieliauskas, plans to travel 1,000 kilometers (620 Miles) across Siberia to Oymyakon in Russia’s Far East,the coldest in habited place on earth, where it reaches below -60C in winters.


Karolis reached Yakutsk by plane, with his motorcycle - a Yamaha XT660Z Tenere - taken apart before the flight. He’s started his journey at -40° Celsius in Yakutsk and further will ride the famous Road of Bones which goes through mountains and frozen rivers – really extreme task.


The 36-year-old Karolis Mieliauskas prefers to travel alone. The Coldest Ride is mostly “a body challenge” for him.

“It is an exploration of the connection between the body and how the mind plays with the cold in these situations,” he explained. “In subzero conditions such as these, you have many gadgets to show where your ‘red lines’ are. I call these our comfort zones, and going beyond them is something I think that all of us should do - this allows us to explore deep into ourselves and find our own personal limits.”


It won’t be the first adventure ride Mieliauskas has made in Russia. In March 2017 he made a ride on the frozen lake Baikal. In July 2016, he previously undertook the mammoth task of riding 11,000 kilometers(6835 Miles) from Vilnius to Vladivostok in 12 days and a trip across Morocco - 5,000 km (3100 Miles) - in 2015.

The ‘Road of Bones’ takes its names from those who were exiled to hard labor in the region in the Stalinist-period of the Soviet Union, and passed away during its construction.Karolis traveled the Road of Bones in Siberia (the Kolyma Highway) a couple of months ago, so he knows the places.The first kilometers of the road from Yakutsk to the Northeast are paved, but then there’s no asphalt. He plans to reach the famous “Churapcha mud” area in the first part of the trip - in good weather there’s no problem - you just have to be attentive all the time, but if it rains it becomes a nightmare. Currently, it’s a snowy road right now. The locals are saying that it’s easier to ride in the winter than during the summer months - the snowy path is better than the dusty one. But it might be a bit different when riding a motorcycle at -50 Celsius.


Mieliauskas’s route: Yakutsk – the “Churapcha mud” area – Khandyga - Kyubeme station - UstNera – Tomtor – Oymyakon.

“I will wear six sometimes maybe different seven layers of clothes. Starting with heavy wool, somewhere in the middle, some motorcycle gear for protection on my shoulders and head and knees. Then I’ll have electrically heated clothes and another layer of motorcycle clothes”.

So good luck, Karolis Mieliasuskas! Have a warm trip!


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