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Yamaha XS650 bobber by Moto Incendio

  • Jun 05 21:31 PM GTM
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Over the years, the Yamaha XS650has become one of the most popular donor bikes! And it should be, because its engine and frame are incredible. The bike lends itself to many different custom styles, which attracts both customizers and their customers. Martin Castelberg from Moto Incendio in Switzerland couldn’t miss the chance to buy and rebuild the Yamaha XS650.


“I restored the bike and originally built a café racer and rode the bike for 5 years and about 50,000km. During this time, I learnt everything about this XS650”, - says Martin.

Time went by. Martin fixed a lot of friends and neighbors bikes. In 2014 he opened Moto Incendio, and business became popular really fast. Castelberg had to bring his father on boardto keep up with demand. As the garage was so busy, Martin didn’t have much spare time to work on his own XS650.


But this all changed in March this year. He decided to rip everything apart and start building the bike from scratch.


  • 750cc cylinder with & Wiseco pistons
  • the stock BS38 Carbs plus new long velocity stacks
  • the frame: powder coated, redone for suspension with two shocks
  • Lowbrow Customs peanut tank
  • custom ignition system
  • custom exhaust system