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First Look
BMW 's boxer cruiser R18/2 is getting closer to production
BMW 's boxer cruiser R18/2 is getting closer to production
18 Nov First Look

At the end of the 20th century, the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer was trying to enter the cruiser market. However, the BMW R1200C didn’t live up to expectations. Even the appearance of a motorcycle in the James Bond film didn't help. BMW Concept R18 and BMW Concept R18 / 2 can change everything.


The BMW R18 / 2 is equipped with an 1800 cc twin-cylinder liquid-cooled boxer engine. The exact performance figures are currently unknown. The power unit has already been used in various projects: Departed - Custom Works Zon (Japan), Revival Birdcage - Revival Cycles (Austin).

The second version of the BMW R18 / 2 is much closer to the production model. It remains to hang the turn signals and mirrors. And the motorcycle is ready.


Other features:

  • cast steel wheels 19/16;
  • steel exhaust Hattech (Germany);
  • red metallic paint;
  • bullet-shaped fairing;
  • cantilever rear suspension.

The BMW R18 / 2 concept also demonstrates the flexibility of the new powertrain and suspension in terms of customization. The Bavarians finally want to conquer the world of customization.






2 3.6K
  • AAA 19 Nov
    cast steel wheels ......that would be innovative
  • Hope they will design done bags for it.
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