Ducati based superbike with alternative suspension system
Ducati based superbike with alternative suspension system
26 Jul Concepts

This project is part of the master thesis of the candidate, that has been developed with the aim of designing a superbike motorcycle with an alternative front suspension that can rival the current models equipped with telescopic forks, offering a better dynamic behavior and staying within a competitive price range. Due to the large size of this project, it was decided to use an existing commercial superbike as a base model, so only the components directly related with the suspension mechanism have been designed from scratch. For modeling the parts of the commercial bike (Ducati Panigale), a high detailed scale model has been used as reference.


The suspension system chosen will make use of a mechanism that combines the hub-center steering and the dual-link suspension, taking the best of both systems. This choice is based on the extensive state of the art analysis developed throughout the master thesis of the candidate, which is completed with a wide range of theoretical calculations, which provide the basis for the design of the components. For the modeling phase, the use of computer aided design tools has been a must to ensure the integrity of the components and the absence of interferences during the operation of the mechanism. Specifically, CATIA has been used as the main tool for three-dimensional modeling and analysis. Finally, an aesthetics design has been done to present the product in a more appealing way, trying to keep the essence of Ducati whilst adding the personal touch of the author.

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