Ducati Multistrada V4 S radar system is now approved in the U.S.
Ducati Multistrada V4 S radar system is now approved in the U.S.
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The Multistrada was unveiled in November of last year, but one month prior to that Ducati announced this one would be the first production motorcycle to be fitted with front and rear radars.


Developed together with Bosch, the radars are there to help the bike’s systems perform their duties. The front one governs the Adaptive Cruise Control (AAC) technology, helping the bike’s computer determine the distance from other vehicles and adjust speed accordingly through “limited” acceleration and deceleration.

The rear radar is a sort of blind spot detector, alerting the rider when a vehicle approaches from the rear.

Although on the market for some time now, the new Multistrada and its fancy radar system just received certification for the North American market. This opens the doors to the riders there now being legally able to use these systems.

The bikes already sold were equipped with them, but they were not activated. Now that this regulatory hurdle is out of the way, those who plan on making use of this tech can do so, with Ducati saying “current model-year 2021 Multistrada V4 S owners may have radar software uploaded and calibrated by their dealerships.”

The motorcycle is powered by the so-called Ducati Granturismo engine, a 1,158cc capable of developing 170 hp at 10,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 125 Nm (92.2 lb-ft) at 8,750 rpm.


On the American market, the Multistrada V4 starts at $19,995, while the S Sport variant retails from $26,095, but can go much higher, provided you find the power to navigate through the bike maker’s literal flood of available options.

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