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First-ever electric CRF: Honda partners with Greengar for youth models
First-ever electric CRF: Honda partners with Greengar for youth models
10 Mar 2022 First Look
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Take a look at the new CRF-E2, a small electric dirt bike made in collaboration with Honda and an EV maker. Greenger Electronic Technology, LLC..


The CRF-E2 is the equivalent of a 50cc mini dirt bike, but Honda and Griger find it “ideal for young riders who don’t generate noise, emissions or heat. [a] Gas engine. Also, children don’t have to worry about clutch use or shifts.

In addition to the 50 cc ICE bike, the main competitors of the new bike are the KTM SX-E5 and the Husqvarna EE5 youth model. The CRF-E5 continues the “first step” electrification trend seen by many major manufacturers, with electric bikes being the lightest and most powerful possible, not electric bikes, scooters or mini dirt bikes. Introduced to non-vehicles. We have adopted a full size motorcycle like the Harley-Davidson in our LiveWire program.

Honda Green Gar CRF-E2 Motor

“We are pleased to partner with Greenger Powersports to provide our customers and dealers with innovative and friendly electric off-road bikes,” said Bill Savino, Senior Manager of Customer Engagement at American Honda. “One of Honda’s missions is to” secure the joy of the next generation, “and CRF-E2 is clearly in line with that goal. We look forward to working with Greenger to grow our motorcycles into the future. “

The CRF decals and styling certainly look part of it, but in reality the CRF-E2 is more eco-friendly than the Honda. Specifically, Greenger was responsible for the design and manufacture of the bike, and Honda licensed the CRF name and appearance. According to press material, “The CRF-E2 is Honda’s officially licensed product and the first electric bike to bear the name of Honda’s famous CRF.”

Honda Green Gar CRF-E2 Battery

Why does Honda need to partner with a small manufacturer like Griger instead of producing electric dirt bikes on its own? According to the Honda Global site, electric and carbon neutral vehicles will become more and more important to the business in the near future and have produced many electric vehicles in the past. (Their first electric motorcycle was a scooter leased to the Japanese government in 1994.) Honda can certainly make the CRF-E2 on its own.

The answer may be that if Greenger already has a model that can be used with a good spec sheet, you simply don’t need to build it. This mini MXer is best with 3.4 hp and 18.4 ft-pound torque from a 48 volt brushless motor. Two power modes give you some control over the tendency of the kid’s whiskey slot. Mode 1 limits the bike to 10 mph and mode 2 allows up to 20 mph.

The CRF-E2’s replaceable lithium-ion battery provides a run time of approximately 2 hours and charges in 4 hours. A quick charging system is available that reduces that time to two and a half hours. The battery weighs 13.1 pounds and, like any other powertrain, comes with a 12-month / 3,000-mile warranty.

Honda Green Gar CRF-E2 Chassis

As for the chassis, the CRF-E2 features an aluminum frame with a 33mm fork and a DNM shock outback. Other components of the bike are like a miniaturized version of what you’ll find on a full size dirt bike. Front and rear disc brakes with petal rotors, adjustable levers, tapered handlebars, alloy wheels and knobby tires. The ride height can be adjusted in the range of 24.8 to 25.5 inches to suit the rider. The rider’s maximum weight is 99 pounds, but Yamaha says the PW50 should not exceed 55 pounds … the total weight of the CRF-E2 itself is 106 pounds.

“The CRF-E2 extends the fun of riding a motorcycle off-road to more families,” said Brad Chapman, Sales and Marketing Manager at Green Garpower Sports. “It’s just a cool little off-road bike, so its appeal to traditional enthusiasts is obvious. At the same time, it doesn’t consider power sports otherwise, but the increasingly ubiquitous role of electricity in our society. Breaking down the barriers with people who are already happy with it. I can’t wait to see more kids get the chance to discover what a dirt bike is. “

Honda Green Gar CRF-E2

The CRF-E2 is retailed for $ 2,950 and is only available through participating Honda Power Sports dealers.

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