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Energica Hesperia Electric Adventure Bike Preview
Energica Hesperia Electric Adventure Bike Preview
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Adventures also take place on the beach: 2022 Energica Experia (Energica)


Technically speaking, adventures are always either good or bad. But it’s never boring. Electric bike Development is the same. Basically arrogance, ambition, and hard work fighting in a cage for financial survival.

Energica I’m betting on that niche track prowess to recreate the ADV category. The Energica Experia is the first electrical product on paper. ADV motorcycle It is sold all over the world. It’s a lucrative category. More than that, it’s a crucible of electric bike technology. We’ve reached a true milestone if we can provide a rugged electric ADV bike with ample range, functionality, and ease of use for travel.

Energica’s Gambit begins with a bold claim. Experia seems to offer the longest range of electric bikes on the market today. It is 261 miles in the city and 130 miles on the highway. Energica also claims the fastest charging time of any electric bike, 0-80 percent in just 40 minutes using a Level 3 / DC quick charger. Combined with the ability to use level 2 or 1 charging on the road or at home, it is the only electric bike that provides riders with all three levels of charging.


All of the above energies drive the new motor. Instead of using permanent magnet synchronous motors (mainly based on internal permanent magnets), bicycles employ synchronous reluctance with the help of permanent magnets. It’s 22 pounds lighter than Energica’s previous EMCE motors, is water-cooled, oil-lubricated, and sits at the bottom of the chassis for better handling.

That’s exciting news. The press release tells the rest of the story. Experia has 112 liters (29.6 gallons in the US) of storage, 150mm (5.9 inches) of travel over the 43mm front ZF Sachs, and 55mm (2.2 inches) of rear singles for 150mm wheel travel. Become. The front fork has adjustable preload, rebound and compression, and the rear has adjustable extensions and preload. The dual 330mm 4-piston Brembo is on the front and the single 240mm 2-piston is on the back. Curiously, there is no mention of ABS anywhere.

Time, rider reviews, and anecdotal stories tell the rest of the story. Level 3 DC fast charging stations are ubiquitous in big cities, but rarely in the hinterland where most adventures take place. Keep the phone charged (and within the tower) to find the next one. Or, better yet, print the map and tape it to the old-fashioned style of the tank.


Energica creates bicycles, marketing strategies and glossy pamphlets. But in the end, the rider writes the ending of the story. It’s obviously expensive at a suggested retail price of $23,250, and the Launch Edition will land at $25,380. It’s as old as the emerging technologies themselves. Will Experia be a game changer in the ADV category? Energica is betting that and backs it up with more than a decade of history. Skeptics, start your complaint. to be continued.

Energica Experia technical specifications and pricing:

  • price: $ 23,250 / $ 25,380 Launch Edition
  • motor: EMCE Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor (PMASynRM)
  • battery: Maximum 22.5kWh; Nominal 19.6kWh
  • Final drive: Regina (16/52) 520O Ring Chain
  • Claimed horsepower: Continuous: 80 hp @ 7,000 rpm; Peak: 102 hp @ 7,500 rpm
  • Claim torque: 85 pounds foot
  • Flame: Front steel tubular trellis, aluminum side plate
  • Front suspension: ZF Sachs 43mm, preload, rebound, and compression adjustable. 5.9 inch travel
  • Rear suspension: ZF Sachs, rebound and preload adjustable. 5.9 inch travel
  • Front wheel brakes: Brembo 4-piston radial caliper, dual floating 330mm disc
  • Rear brake: Brembo 2-piston caliper, 240mm disc
  • Wheels, front / rear: Cast aluminum; 17×3.5 inch / 17×5.5 inch
  • Tires, front / rear: Pirelli Scorpion Trail II; 120 / 70-17 / 180 / 55-17
  • Rake / trail: Not applicable
  • Wheelbase: 59.5 inches
  • Seat height: 33.3 inches
  • Range City: 261 miles; Total: 160 miles; Suburbs: 130 miles; WMTC: 138 miles
  • Charging time: 0-80% in 40 minutes.With level 3 / DC quick charger
  • Claimed curve weight: 573 pounds
  • Guarantee: 2 years by car; 3 years / 31,000 miles battery (starting from the first registration date of the motorcycle)
  • Available: June 2022
  • Contact: energicamotor.com


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