Harley-Davidson Fat Man Is the Perfect Ride for Mel Gibson’s Warrior Santa
Harley-Davidson Fat Man Is the Perfect Ride for Mel Gibson’s Warrior Santa
16 Jun 2022 Custom
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Back in 2020, one of the strangest Christmas movies ever came out, and in some respects, it was stranger even than Bruce Willis’ Die Hard (yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie too, only a different kind). The 2020 flick was called Fatman and starred Mel Gibson as a Santa about to be slain by a contract killer.

But that’s not the only strange part about Santa. You see, in this story, the jolly guy that brings us all toys during that magical night at the end of the year actively fights the killer, and even turns his toy factory into a production hub for the U.S. military. So, seeing him on the back of a custom Harley-Davidson instead of his regular sleigh would probably not have been such a stretch, given the context.


And a nice proposition for Fatman’s ride is probably this, a stock Fat Boy converted into a blackened two-wheeled sprite at the hands of a German crew called Bundnerbike.

Now, generally, these guys go for very colorful appearances for their customs, but this time they’ve decided dark, down to the solid-look wheels front and rear, is the best way to go. And we must admit, what came out at the other end of the customization process does stand out in a very big crowd of customized Fat Boys.


We get a massive, 23-inch wheel up front, matched at the back by a much smaller, 18-inch piece of equipment. The back end of the bike has further been modified, and it now comes with LED lights, while the opposite end got a handlebar conversion.


The entire bike was propped on an air suspension system, the fuel tank is of Bundnerbike design, while the engine was pretty much left stock, only now it breathes through a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system.




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