Finally Honda is planning to continue developing the sports model All new Honda CBR750RR
Finally Honda is planning to continue developing the sports model All new Honda CBR750RR
01 Aug 2022 Concepts
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With the advent of today's extremely strict pollution regulations, one of the two-wheeler supersport segments had a huge impact As we have seen that the current motorcycle market across Europe. There are no more Supersport-class bike with four-cylinder engines ever released.


Due to EURO5 regulations that play a role in emissions control, Yamaha had to discontinue production and distribution of the Yamaha YZF-R6, which the Shizuoka-based manufacturer has solved by introducing a Yamaha YZF-R7 powered by a 2 engine. Cross-Plane pistons, while Kawasaki was forced to remove the kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R from the lineup and limit its sales to countries with less strict emission regulations. It just launched the CBR600RR about 3 years ago, but the company itself intends not to send the model to join the European market. but intends to use it as a model to market in Asian and American countries It is represented by the big-legged and the only model, the Honda CBR650R that remains a full-fledged sports bike under 1000 cc using a four-cylinder inline. Tourer is covered.


According to the latest information revealed by Yung-Machine, the Japanese motorcycle giant. It has been revealed that Kawasaki is lurking to develop a new engine to meet the EURO5 emissions standard and still have similar performance to the original. As for the revised Ninja ZX-6R, reports have it that the engine size may be closer to 750cc than the previous model with the largest 636cc engine capacity in the segment. Only Kawasaki figured this out. Honda had the best materials in hand. It would likely take a similar approach to developing new engines for use on its own Supersport products.


According to sources, Honda is developing a new engine in the R#D department in Asaka. Japan It uses a 4-cylinder engine, DOHC, water-cooled. The engine capacity is expected to be closer to 750cc, while the body style will combine the design work of the CBR250RR, CBR600RR, and the CBR1000RR-R, with the new model being a link between the track and field Supersport. Racing like the CBR250RR and CBR1000RR-R, which focuses on a sportier style than the CBR650R that will remain with a wide audience for a long time.

In the end, it's all just a rumor. The manufacturer itself has not come out to confirm this development. Let's say that during this period you have to rely on your own judgment. How reliable is the information we provide? All these facts We can only wait. Disclosure from the developer We don't know exactly when all the information will be disclosed.

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