Finally new update on 2023 upcoing Yamaha YZF-R9
Finally new update on 2023 upcoing Yamaha YZF-R9
10 Nov 2022 Concepts
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Finally new update on 2023 upcoing Yamaha YZF-R9. Faired sporty wait for the CP3 platform seems ever closer. As soon as the initials were deposited, the bike logo was applied. As a result of logical reasoning and the numerous clues that have been provided over the past two years, it is taken for granted. As one of those announced innovations, the Yamaha YZF-R9. has only the presentation left; mind you, in anticipating a product's arrival there is always the risk of making a mistake, but this is unlikely.


Yamaha has registered the R9 in Japan, the United States, and Europe (in a list ranging from R1 to R15), and recently the figurative mark has been registered as well. A graphic logo Yamaha YZF-R9. and R9 was registered on October 17, which will be affixed to motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, three-wheeled motorcycles, three-wheeled mopeds and parts.

All the aforementioned vehicles and their accessories.

It is important to realize that while the trademark, that is the name and the initials, can take on many forms (and it is registered to protect its use), in the case of figurative trademarks, it is a unique element that protects the shape and graphic elements that it contains. The characters are the same as those on notes Yamaha R1, Yamaha R3, Yamaha R6 and Yamaha R7. This is one of the last elements of a product that will be sold.


Despite not officially mentioning an R9 project, Yamaha commercial and production logic point to it. It is already an excellent starting point for a faired sports car to use the CP3 platform (889 cc three-cylinder in-line engine and twin-beam aluminum alloy frame) used for instance by the MT-09 SP.

The 121 horses of the MT-09 / Tracer9 are an interesting power and without too much complications it could increase a little perhaps giving up a bit of usability at the bass. In practice, it is a question of replicating what was done with the YZF-R7 , which came after the naked MT-07 and the Tracer 7 crossover, sharing their technical backbone.

The weight gain between MT-07 and R7 was contained to just 6 kg. The MT-09 has a curb weight of 189 kg, so not exceeding the 200 kg threshold for the R9 might be realistic. And who knows that the upcoming EICMA won't bring us some surprises.

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