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Brembo showcases its newest innovations at EICMA 2022
Brembo showcases its newest innovations at EICMA 2022
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The GP4-MS caliper is the latest development in the Brembo GP4 family. It was designed for the ultimate generation of powerful road bikes. The caliper was born from the racetrack, as Brembo acquired insights from many years of experience in the racing world. Now, it’s being used for road bikes, and it’s a perfect blend between the latest technologies, groundbreaking processes, and most efficient materials.

EICMA 2022 – Brembo GP4-MS – Ανανέωση με τεχνολογία MotoGP - BIKEIT!

The new version of the GP4-MS combines machining from solid billet aluminum with monobloc technology, just like other Brembo calipers used in MotoGP. Machining from solid creates better results than casting - the caliper boasts greater resistance even when operated at extreme levels and better mechanical characteristics, which means its performance is increased.

Brembo Showcases Its Newest Innovations At EICMA 2022

The ribbing of the front section covers four pistons in aluminum and ensures optimum rigidity for the system. Brembo extended the range with the renewed version by providing a 108 mm fixing version for Japanese supersport motorcycles.

Not only does the caliper deliver excellent performance, but it also has a design that stands out – the nickel surface finish offers a bright and smooth look and provides insulation from high temperatures. Moreover, ventilation fins on the outer body help cool the brake system by circulating the air resulting from the vehicle’s movement and the wheels’ rotation. As you’d expect, the Brembo logo is proudly showcased on the caliper – it has been recently revised and updated with softer and more rounded shapes that speak to the digital native generation, as the company states.

Brembo Showcases Its Newest Innovations At EICMA 2022

A new master cylinder called 19RCS Corsa Corta RR (Race Replica) complements the new calipers. It’s Brembo’s lightest and most race-focused master cylinder, just as its name suggests. According to the company, it’s the closest you’ll get to a Moto2-spec master cylinder.


Its design has been modified to make it lighter, and a hard oxidized titanium grey finish was added to ensure optimum wear resistance.

The lever lets you find your suitable “bite point.” You can do that by using the selector on the top of the master cylinder. Three responsiveness settings are available.


The Normal setting is best used in city riding or when braking in poor grip conditions, as the bite point starts more gradually. The Sport setting makes the beginning of the bite point shorter than the one in the Normal setting. Finally, the Race setting lets the rider reach the bite point instantaneously, so it’s ideal for the racetrack, where every moment counts to achieve the best lap time.

The GP4-MS caliper and 19RCS CORSA CORTA RR will be available on the Brembo Parts website and on the market starting next year.5953676378cc4ccc13e.png

Moving on to the Greenance brake pads – their name is a combination of “Green” and “Performance,” showing that being sustainable and environmentally friendly is essential for the brakes manufacturer. The company says that the new brake pads will gradually replace the entire range of Brembo Aftermarket pads. There’s a wide variety of compounds, such as sintered or carbon-ceramic, each designed for different uses and vehicles.

So, what makes them eco-friendly? The Greenance pad compounds are manufactured without copper and nickel and, for ceramic compounds, without antimony and asbestos. The company also saves up about 176 tons of CO2 emissions per year by not using methane gas in the production process.


This isn’t just a marketing ploy – the new brake pads provide top-of-the-line performance. They resist better to heat and deliver the same performance even when temperatures increase. The pads possess a more stable coefficient of friction at high speeds and temperatures and a 10% higher average coefficient of friction. Moreover, you can expect the new pads to last more – tests have shown 15% less wear than equivalent products on the market.

The future of braking looks promising. With its new developments, Brembo provides better performance both for the racing world and for moto and auto enthusiasts. What’s more, it’s impressive to see that the company kept sustainability in mind and still managed to innovate.

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