Triumph Aligns with Plans for Sustainable Fuel by 2024
Triumph Aligns with Plans for Sustainable Fuel by 2024
29 Dec Industry
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On top of Triumph’s joining the 2024 SuperMotocross World Championship™, the Brit-based firm has now announced that they’re working on sustainable fuels to align with Dorna’s goal for Moto2: To be moved entirely to ethanol-rich E40 by 2024 (via Triumph’s press release).

It’s a big move and not one that comes without its own risks; luckily, Triumph’s Leicestershire base has held a dedicated testing program for the past three years, so there’s no catch-up to play when it comes to sustainable fuel synchronization.

The end results are also likely to trickle down to the brand’s production models, too – something for which Triumph Chief Product Officer, Steve Sargent, is quite stoked.

An engine for a motorcycle showcasing alignment with more sustainable fuel options. Media sourced from MCN.

“I can tell you that everybody here at Triumph is very excited to be involved in such significant developments at such a pivotal moment in motorcycle history,” enthuses Sargent.

“Ultimately, our aim is always to take all the learnings we gain from racing to make our road bikes even better, which of course encompasses not just performance but also their impact on the environment.”

All told, we’re looking at E40 fuel integrated by 2024, with the even stricter E100 blend in place by 2027 – all while somehow ensuring “the new fuel sees no drop in performance or speed.”

Triumph's electric prototype, the TE-01. Media sourced from Triumph.

Add to this Triumph’s ongoing work with their electric prototype, the TE-01, and this particular British bike brand has all the boxes checked off for sustainable management.

We look forward to seeing how Triumph’s lineup begins its journey to sustainable fuels; we’ll be sure to check for news, so keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter, where our main man Cameron Martel hand-delivers the best of the latest to your respective inboxes.

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