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2w ago
Bug season

I'm a little allergic to black flies and got a swarm in the face on tonight's ride. Good times. Good reason to go back to a full faced helmet lol. Also, drive safe everyone!

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  • LaDark May 20 03:47 GTM
    oh damn!!! .. definitely a full face...ouchhh!!
  • LaDark May 20 04:14 GTM
    stung by a wasp last year on my stomach.. hurt like hell.. this was when riding.. the bug came under my shirt and stung me 2x.. really got big.. im only showing u 2 pics withing 20 min.. should of seen after 24 hours.. just very very bad🐝🐝🐝😭😭😭🏍🏍🏍
  • Switchblade May 20 13:16 GTM
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