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Blog by Martin Gusto
The most anticipated motorcycle of 2021 - Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250
Martin Gusto
Martin Gusto
1w ago

The most anticipated motorcycle of 2021 - Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250

I waited a long time for him. Many people have already seen the photos, as well as the motorcycle itself at shows. And today it happened. Harley has shown not one, but two models — Pan America and Pan America Special.

For a start — general characteristics, only what everyone cares about.

WEIGHT — 502lb (228kg) and 525lb (238 kg), respectively. Special is harder due to the "bells and whistles", about which there will be a separate conversation.

SUSPENSION — 190 mm. The suspension of the Japanese company SHOWA on both motorcycles is fully customizable — both the front "shifter" and the rear monoamortizer have three settings - pre-tension compression, rebound. Only on Special, these settings are electric.

THE ANGLES OF INCLINATION are 42 degrees both to the right and to the left.

The engine is an old familiar with the Revolution V-Type with a volume of 1250 cc, in which a timing phase change system was added and called the Revolution MAX. It supposedly produces 150 horsepower at 9000 (!) rpm.

💰PRICE-from $ 17,319 for PA, from $ 19,999 for Special. For comparison, BMW's base R1250 GS starts at $17,995 and has a relatively extensive list of available options. The more expensive GS Adventure comes in at $20,345. The KTM 1290 Adventure S is $18,599 and the Triumph Tiger 1200 starts at $16,500. The Multistrada trumps them all, with the base model asking $19,995 and the S model commanding a price of $24,095.

The base price includes an entertainment system with a 6.8-inch touchscreen that can display the map and navigator, as well as allows you to control music and answer calls.

The Pan America 1250 is available in 2 colors-black and River Rock Grey . For Special — three, including black, gray, and orange with white. As usual with Harley, non-black motorcycles are more expensive.

Now about the most interesting thing — why does the Special weigh and cost more

As you have already understood, the Special package includes not only a semi-active suspension, which is adjusted depending on the selected driving mode and road conditions.

Moreover, for an additional thousand dollars, you can order a motorcycle equipped with the ARH (Adaptive Ride Height) system, which supports ground clearance depending on the load and the selected driving mode. The system can, for example, lower the motorcycle at a low speed, so that the rider reaches the ground with his feet more confidently.
Harley declares that this system was first used on a regular motorcycle.

Another option available only for Special — spoke wheels. It costs $ 500.

Other differences in the rich configuration are not so noticeable, but the little things also matter. The angle of the brake pedal is adjustable, and without tools, the bottom of the frame is protected by a plate, as is the radiator. Tire pressure sensors, heated handles, central footrest and steering wheel damper are installed.

For both configurations, there are several sets of luggage accessories to choose from-aluminum, plastic or textile saddlebags, as well as a tank bag.

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  • 82ndpara 1w ago
    Not bad, and good price
  • TPAG84 1w ago
    Looks good, Solid Pricepoint...hope the old MoCo sells a bunch
  • Haha! Fugly!
  • Aussierider 1w ago
    I love this, looks like it should be in a Mad Max movie!
  • Arffjos 1w ago
    Got to love the add though.
    With passenger sest 😂😂
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