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Electric Motorcycles in the US?!
Jimmy T.
Jimmy T.
28 Jul 2021

Electric Motorcycles in the US?!

I need to get one and my budget has left me with about 10k.
I want a cruiser but ain't gonna find one without spending 25-35,000$ first. So any ideas as to what to look at or do?

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  • Balint 28 Jul 2021
    hi, I was interested in this before and here's what I found, check out these motorcycles, it's certainly not a Harley for 30,000, but it may not be quite bad

    CSC City Slicker electric motorcycle - $2,800

    Volcon Grunt - 6000$

    Huck Cycles electric mopeds - 3500 -6k+ $

    ONYX RCR about 4200$

    and probably the best one Zero FXS starting at $9,295

    • Augusto Lozada 28 Jul 2021
      Balint, the City Slicker and the Zero are the only actual motorcycles a person can buy right now.
    • Jimmy T. 28 Jul 2021 author
      Balint, has any1 seen the super soco for release in the U.S. yet? How about the GEON Scramper I think it is...? it's modeled after the scrambler naturally. and the super soco ts max and others are really the better deal if I can get the bike homogenized.
      f77 ultraviolet is the fastest for the price I have seen to date but those are so far away from actually being here.
      • Balint 28 Jul 2021
        Jimmy T., I checked their website, there is no information where you can buy it in the USA
        • Jimmy T. 08 Aug 2021 author
          Balint, bloody hell man. I find out from the Ducati dealership downstairs from me that they have been out of stock on quite a few things from shelf parts to spare parts. although they have had sales the options are dwindling.
          -meaning the resources are becoming scarcely available.
          -reason is due to the COVID19 pandemic there's been a halt on all transports to and from U.S.
          -conclusion is that now we have The DELTA virus out and will tak on another 3 yrs. before manufacturing and overseas transports resume normal working.
          -sad truth is we may be stuck with spending on a zero or harley since these are the ONLY electric motorcycle dealers In the US at the moment.
          -last resort im gonna try Canada 🇨🇦 since they can recieve the non homogeneous bikes. I may get it from them.
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