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How much rust is too much in the fuel tank?
Adam Sarros
Adam Sarros
1 month ago

How much rust is too much in the fuel tank?

I just removed and drained the tank of an Kawasaki zx6r that had been sitting for 10 years. The fuel pump was copper stained, there was loads and loads of sediment, it feels corroded around where the fuel pump sits. just don't know how much rust remover can do and how practical scrubbing will be. Is this tank dead?

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  • RideTwix 1 month ago
    Assuming it's not rusting through, ie the rust has affected the tank structurally, you can just chuck some nuts and bolts and screws in the tank, and shake it or set up a jig to keep it tumbling to remove loose rust. Then buy a fuel tank sealer, which is basically an epoxy coating which you pour in the tank and move it around and pour out the excess, and it creates new coating inside the tank.
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