Honda NC 700 - XD
Honda NC 700 - XD
19 Jun 2017

Safety Riding Tips

Hey all,

I just would like to share my personal opinion about safe riding. This isn't meant to offend anyone, but just for taking an attention to a point. Thanks for understanding and ride safe!

--Safety Riding Tips--

- If you are interested in speed, wearing a helmet and all the body armor is just going to save your life. Make sure that you don't be a cause of death or injury towards other people's as well as your life. Your passion shouldn't end up with death or injury...why not just a good day :)
-Riding in the middle of a lane is going to prevent cars passing you in same lane, so you would not be stuck in between cars. Riding in between cars is not a good idea, because they don't see you, because they don't look at their mirror...
- Always assume that cars DON'T see you and make your self visible especially at night. Wear reflective gear.
- Do not take any risk, you can be late for a few would not kill you, but risk always has a danger.
- Try slowing down with shifting down rather than braking, it is the best way, as well as keeping your break pads in good condition.
- Just because cars don't see you, you are %100 right. Ask a question to yourself, what can I do to be visible, which means PRE-CAUTION!

Thanks for reading, and once again, this isn't for offending anybody, I just want riders ride safe and enjoy riding :)

take care all! :)


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  • No0ne 19 Jun 2017
    Useful for beginners and a reminder for experienced riders...thanks for the article!
    • TwinDahood 19 Jun 2017 author
      No0ne, thank you for your kind respond! :)
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