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Manual “How to repair a bent disk and what to do next”.
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R - Green Monster
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R - Green Monster
17 Feb 2021

Manual “How to repair a bent disk and what to do next”.

After the accident the right front brake disc was slightly bent of about 4-5 mm inside. I thought, that I would be able to fix it at home and without using any special tools.

So let's start, here is the method of updating of the brake disc:
1) First, you should determine the location and extend of damage of the disc, mark the point of maximum deflection of the disk, and also its beginning and end.

2) Next, the disk is removed from the wheel, its rectification will be made on a metal surface.
I used such piece of steel, I found in the garage. I believe it’s a brake disc from one old car, maybe even not from a passenger.

3) Through the metal pads the bent disc is placed on the surface, so that the bent part is on top. Using the pads again, the flat part of the disk is fixed from above.

4) Screwing the vise with a pretty decent effort, I bend the curved part of the disc in the direction opposite to its deflection.

5) Take this construction apart, put the disk on the wheel, check the result. If it’s necessary, I’ll replace the tags. This process is repeated until you get an acceptable result.

6) And the most important thing: throw the old disk out and buy the new one.

The conclusion:
1) When repairing the motorcycle after the accident, it is highly recommended to use new parts from the manufacturer or at least used spare parts with no signs of deformation or repair.
2) Only the specialists of the service centers with relevant skills should repair your vehicle!
You must not save money on yourself and other road users! Ride safe !!!

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  • No0ne 21 Feb 2021
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