Suzuki GS 1000 - Bombardier
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The history of the building of a cafe racer. Part two. Logo, concept, beetle-bombardier, color.
Suzuki GS 1000 - Bombardier
Suzuki GS 1000 - Bombardier
17 Dec 2020

The history of the building of a cafe racer. Part two. Logo, concept, beetle-bombardier, color.

As you will name a ship, so it will float ... - a quote from the cartoon.
A beetle and a motorbike, what can they have in common? I think not much, maybe the image.
A certain material, objective, tangible and immediately evocative association, graphic embodiment - this is one of the main components of any well-known, recognizable brand when creating a logo. There are many examples, I will give a few: Ferrari – a horse, Lamborghini – a bull, Apple – an apple, etc.

It is clear that my creative efforts do not pretend to the brand at all and everything connected with it, but my motorcycle must have its own name and image. In the case of the previous Brigadier project, the image of a cow's skull with an inverted wheel instead of horns turned out to be successful.
And what to figure out with Suzuki? And then I accidentally found the beetle-bombardier.

Not to say that I'm a big fan of insects, reptiles and other such fauna, but this beetle has the abilities of a superman who can not leave anyone who touches him indifferent. Well, why not a suitable image for an extraordinary, attractive cafe racer.

The logo appeared immediately and distinctly - a beetle in the form of a motorcycle. And it turned out to be drawn so accurately, that I had already deliberately checked the headlight, instruments, clip-ons, mirrors with the sketch when working with a motorcycle. Perhaps, it is worth looking for Firestone tires, for complete certainty.

It was everything clear with the color, as I always dreamed of having a white motorcycle. In my case, a classic, vintage combination of ivory (tank, tail, sidewalls) and brown (stripes, disks) came out. Or coffee with milk, it's a café racer.

A thin layer of xeral is covered on top of the paint, giving depth and enriching the perception of color.
The black, matte frame perfectly shades and emphasizes the natural beauty, the "muscle mass" of the four-cylinder, 1 liter, aluminum engine.

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