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Ducati for Kate, or a review of the Bete Noire custom from FD. Part 2
Ducati Monster 600
Ducati Monster 600
20 Dec 2020

Ducati for Kate, or a review of the Bete Noire custom from FD. Part 2

* Disks.
Drawing discs in three beams from the 90s, of course, is outdated and casts a shadow that is not necessary for the entire motorcycle as a whole. Initially, I really wanted to replace the wheels with spiked and preferably tubeless ones, but as it turned out, I could not find those for this model, even for big money. Therefore, I had to do with the front the same as with the tank - to shift the color accents, complicating the picture of the disc itself. The rims and planes on the beams are ground to aluminum.

As a result, all these in tandem with a shortened and understated wing, played in a new way, more difficult and dynamic.
The rear disc was closed with caps made of metal. Perfectly fitted and colored, with the help of studs, bushings and nuts, they perfectly fitted the disc.

Fairing and headlight.
The front part of the motorcycle is easily dropped in the traverses, which gives complete freedom in its organization. Instead of the handlebar are clip-ons. The native speedometer after its release from the case, perfectly fits and does not take up much space on the front panel.

Not explainable craving for windmills in recent years, is pushing for new experiments with metal and transparent plastic. An attempt to bend the plastic in the desired shape by creating a model of clay, then removing it from the matrix of gypsum, and after heating was successful at the first attempt. The resulting windshield is completely subordinated to the overall stylistics, its function of diverting the oncoming air flow remained in the second place.

Front headlight Pathfinger L.E.D. shines perfectly and except for near and far, gives also illumination indicating lateral dimensions of a motorcycle. The question of how to put it into the windscreen was solved with the help of the old rim of the headlight from the Minsk M104 motorcycle of 1968, which ideally fits the size of the American headlight.

For its previous life, the motorcycle was laid on both the left and the right side. And this was clearly read by the mufflers standing on the donor. Therefore, the desire to replace them with something custom-straightforward, came in the first place. However, the signature labels of Termignoni and, to a greater extent, the sound that Ducati issued in its coveted state, instantly persuaded that these silencers should remain.

The idea of lining, set in native riveting places, was born. Having given them a certain form, it was possible to completely hide all the dents, and also to get new elements, which became another highlight of the project.

Performed in the traditional cafe racer's style and at first glance very similar in form to the native, stock. But in fact it is made from scratch on a solid metal base.

In addition to the function of the seat, the task was also to change (align) the horizontal axis of the motorcycle and shorten the tail part without serious interference in the frame. Which in turn has now been completely exposed, the side lining has been removed. The taillight with integrated turn signals was integrated into the seat and became its completion.

To be continued….

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  • Lyneane Lewis 03 Apr 2021
    A very awesomely beautiful Monster
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