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How to you guys install modifications or work on your bike without a garage?
BMW K 1200 S - "Hippo"
BMW K 1200 S - "Hippo"
13 Oct 2019

How to you guys install modifications or work on your bike without a garage?

So basically today I was working on my bike a bit (just cleaning and installing frame sliders and a USB charger, basic stuff) and my HOA fined me because that’s not allowed. I can’t even wash it.

Does it cost a lot to have a mechanic do basic things? I’m new to bikes and either I’ve done it myself or it’s repairs/maintenance that was covered at dealership for free or a flat rate. I have basic tools but I can’t be seen outside doing it in my parking space. I guess I can do that stuff in a parking lot somewhere but I gotta bring everything with me. Are there spaces you can rent that have tools?

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  • Rene Arellano 13 Oct 2019
    You can rent storage space and use it like a garage. Probably could find something for as low as $40-ish a month.
    • Franklyn 13 Oct 2019
      Rene Arellano, Yep. This. I live in the city and a lot of people use storage units for shops.

      It's hard to find a nice neighborhood not run by an HOA
  • Jose Leonardo 13 Oct 2019
    If you have a town house, wheel it in thru the back gate to your property off common ground. Or just take it the extra 50 feet to the nearest public road. There might be a law where you live but I doubt you'd be held accountable for it, as long as you're respectful and obay any police that asks you to stop I can't see it being a problem.

    I've proped up a bike on stands on public roads before without issue. If you're not blocking trafic or otherwise endangering people everyone will usually just ignore you.

    Also might be worth diging up the bi-laws and fighting them on the fine. Most HOAs have spesific wording excusing 1st time offenses.
  • Emir Jaganjac 14 Oct 2019
    i live in a hoa and i can tinker with no issues
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