Harley-Davidson Super Glide - FXDX sport
Harley-Davidson Super Glide - FXDX sport
14 Oct 2020

Time for new tires

Belts starting to show on rear tire... time for some new tread. looked back to find out when i purchased the Michelins. Surprised the hell out me!!! that i got 7 years out of that set of tires. of course their out of stock of my front tire size. So trying out some Kenda tires, the set of tires cost me about the same price as just the rear Michelin. tread does look aggressive, lets see how long this set lasts.

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  • Dean 17 Oct 2020
    How many miles did you get out of them?
    • sclestina 18 Oct 2020 author
      Dean, sorry Dean I didn't really write down mileage when I bought the tires I should have stupid me all I know is I bought them two years after I had the motor upgrade done 2011 so I tried dividing a mileage by the number of years since the motor upgrade and taking that some time 7 but that comes out to be like 23,000 I don't think I got 23000 out of the tires lol
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