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Woohoo new pipe!
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Has anyone got any tips for the best product to clean up the water pipes on my R6! I’ve just fitted a nice shiny new set of headers and now these are bugging the life out me! I’ve got brand new silico... more
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Brakes serviced and done.... I think
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So, in lockdown I decided I know, I'll sort and clean the brakes.. Little did I know that it would rake three blasts of a blow torch and plenty of man power to grt the bolts out, then behind the pisto... more
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Separate parts
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Hilfeeeeee... more
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Oil Change
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11/16/2017 - 2,227 Miles Oil and Filter Change Mobil ONE 10W-40 Synthetic Oil x4 - 122286 - $44.00 K&N Oil Filter - KN-1007 - $15.96 K&N Air Filter - DU-1007 - $57.99... more
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The tyres
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For my scrambler wanted tires all paths but having a good grip on the tarmac and in the wet. Trail of real tires in short, with a nice deep sculpture. Also I must have 18-inch diameter, which nowadays... more
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How to reupholster motorcycle seat?
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I searched for a workshop, where I could reupholster my seat, for a long time, as I have two left hands. But suddenly there was free time, and there was nothing to do. So I decided to try it myself, a... more
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Bought new Titanium exhaust
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Im putting my smashed up Busa back together but have now started buying some tuning parts, got this nice looking Ti set of downpipes and midpipes just need a can now, any recommendations guys, dont wa... more
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For people who choose the exhaust for BMW S1000RR
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So I've been on the hunt for an exhaust system but there are so many options. Some systems I really like are the Akrapovic full system(the stainless steel one cause the titanium one is really expensiv... more
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My Triumph Project
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I've attached some pics of my build process for a fee people who were interested. Some might be out of order, but you'll get the idea. Started with a junk motor. Had a friend build the frame. Design... more
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Leo Vince exhaust
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Custom made by MHP Exhausts, Clacton, Essex... more
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New wheels
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17" rear and 17" front......... more
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Valve Clearances, Maintenance, Upgrades, and Cleaning
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Checked and did Valve Clearances, flushed and replaced coolant, brake fluid and full synthetic oil, replaced oil filter. Cleaned entire bike and engine, installed aftermarket fairing kit. Installed fo... more
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New seat
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Making a new seat. It came from a Honda cb750... more
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Factory air cleaner assembly and new k@n off 2009 flstff
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Make offer... more
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New graves rearsets and polished top yoke
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2008 Desmosedici D16RR
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My desmo, an incredible bike - it`s loud, fast and not for the road, it will cope with open rode but just won`t work well at anything under 100 kmh, - above that and it all comes together perfectly.... more
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Replacement exhaust pipe ....looking for the best option for my 636 (page 2)
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21) Galassetti 22)Trick Star 23) Sebring 24)K-Factory 25) Baby Face 26) Tsukgi Racing 27) Heat Magic 28) Ti-Force 29) FCRacing 30) Mivv 31) Ixil... more
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Replacement exhaust pipe ....looking for the best option for my 636
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OK guys.......time to change the exhaust .....any thoughts?advice what will be better? I will post a list I found for my bike 1) Akrapovic 2)Scorpion 3)Yoshimura 4)Two Brothers 5)Arata 6) Arrow 7) T... more
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Crazy Iron
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Crazy Iron... more
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DELKEVIC Exhaust... more
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