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Ducati ST2 Dzus Conversion
Ducati ST4
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2 months ago

Ducati ST2 Dzus Conversion

You need 12 off 17mm x 6mm Dzus fasteners and 12 slip on clips. D8 are the better machined fasteners. Available in crosshead , allen hex or D tab for hand removal.

3 along the top of the mid fairing to headlight nose fairing. 1 under the chin panel under the headlight. 2 at the bottom of the lower side panel. 6 per side, 12 in all.

The 3 along the top edge of the mid fairing need to be trimmed per the photo.

The lug where the screw goes into the coolant reservoir needs to be trimmed off to allow you to slip the fairing under the headlight cone. Same on the left mid fairing.

Separate the mid and lower fairings. Replace the well nuts and fit back together with stainless screws with a bigger 10 or 12mm head to spread the load. The small heads can cup and crack the fairing. These panels will not need to be separated again.

Also with the mid panel. 
Remove the vertical rear wellnut.
Put in a rivnut.

A screw with the end ground to a bullet nose is screwed up from underneath, enough to protrude through the hole in the fairing. This allows you to lift the mid panel over the screw to keep it located.

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