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K8 600 crush washer
  • complain
I was given this crush washer by the shop but it looks way different than a regular crush washer that I have used on the Hondas. I am going to do the oil change in a couple of days but just wanted to... more
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Changing F800GT Tires, just wanted to share the experience.
  • complain
With less than 800 miles on the OE Metzeler Z8 Interact tires, which I really liked, I ran over a piece of steel that left a hole that couldn't be plugged. Originally, I had used a couple of spoons to... more
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How to change your rear tire on an 04 up Sportster
  • complain
Hello everyone lets get to it. You've been riding and riding and riding and now your rear tire looks like this What do you do? Take it to a dealer, to an Indy? Nahhh Change it yourself. Here's... more
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Service for my R1
  • complain
Did some stuff today. Just did front fork seals with the help of a buddy a few weeks ago, and now the oil and tires are done. I love the low mount exhaust, but damn does it make oil changes a mother.... more
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Rear tire, sprocket, wheel
  • complain
Have the new rear tire, sprocket, wheel bearings, brake rotor, and bleed and flushed the rear brake system today. May get the front suspension done today too. It’s mighty cold in the garage today! The... more
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Front end is back together. I have a “roller” now. Goes just as fast as you can push her!
  • complain
Front wheel is done. New bearings, Avon 65, and rotors.Goes just as fast as you can push her!... more
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  • complain
Got the rear suspension and new rear tire on her... more
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Finished the frame today.
  • complain
White Super Fine rouge and Zephyr Pro 40... more
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Fixing to start polishing the frame
  • complain
This should be hours of pure bliss.... more
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Making progress!
  • complain
Rear wheel as good as I can get to polish out. The cast aluminum on the spokes and hub are real pain!... more
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Starting to get down to the nitty gritty!
  • complain
A lot of maintenance to do including fork seals. Going to be lengthy project! But it's worth every single spare minute.... more
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Cleaning tank
  • complain
This will make you ill! I don't think sloshing a little bit of fresh petro is going to do any good. If my leg was long enough I'd kick my own ass, That's 8 years worth.... more
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Service the chain without a swingarm stand and the Central pegs
  • complain
I think many faced with the problem of the lack of a central kickstand of the motorcycle. On a CMX500 Honda Rebel, like most cruisers, such kickstand are not present, so you need to think how to mai... more
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Misted speedometer - first failure!
  • complain
As it turned out, the owners of new Honda Rebel CMX 300/500 for 2016-2017 divided into two types: those who have noticed that the speedometer pass water, which later condenses inside, and those who ha... more
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You only have two wheels to take you down the road and maintenance is important
  • complain
In every fitting of a new tire, always checking for a straight wheel, good working bearings and a balancing at the end. www.motorbikethrottle.com... more
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Painting time
  • complain
After a few weeks I finally went back to work on this girl, I was busy working so I took a few hours off this week to paint the bike, I'm in doubt if I paint Black satin or black matte. Anybody want t... more
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Photoshop for dummies
  • complain
I was playing on PS I just did it, trying to figure out how it comes with red strip. I think I liked it. Will paint the tank with Black mate and those red strips the same color as Spark plug cable (no... more
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Stuck caliper
  • complain
The next time when you change the back brake pads on my motorcycle stuck caliper. And so, step by step, what to do when the wedge caliper. And how to prevent it in the future. In order to perform all... more
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How to Replace Your Motorcycle Chain - Break Chain and Rivet New Chain
  • complain
In this video, we'll show you how to replace your motorcycle chain. First they will break the old motorcycle chain and then install a new motorcycle chain using a rivet master link. Tools used in thi... more
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First startup
  • complain
Incase anyone wanted to hear what it sounded like, here she is the first time the engine actually turned over! I know it was little rough, mostly due to the carbs, but it was better before I took it a... more
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Some technical problems
  • complain
Replacement of the windshield , and front fairing... more
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Full Service
  • complain
Pampered this baby just last month.... full oil & filter change carb clean drive shaft oil change... more
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Replacing the timing chain tensioner
  • complain
Replacement of timing chain tensioners: I bought : 1. Two hydraulic tensioner 2. Two gaskets under the belt 3. Two caps for tensioners 4. Four valve-flapper... more
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Change antifreeze
  • complain
1) 1 gallon of antifreeze Motul Factory Line, flush for Moto radiators liquimoly Motorbike Kuhler Reiniger , 2 gallons of distilled water and two OEM washers that the need put new when you change the... more
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