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Waiting for new crank and rod bearings. Cleaning up crankcase and other parts.
Triumph Daytona T100R
Triumph Daytona T100R
1 month ago

Waiting for new crank and rod bearings. Cleaning up crankcase and other parts.

The factory manual says that the cam bushings rarely need replacing unless there is very high mileage.  On mine, with the cams installed dry, there was a nice slip fit on the right (big) end, but the left end was loose.  I could move the cam back and forth and hear it click. 

The old bushes don't give up easily--I had to collapse them with a small punch, trying not to damage the bore. 

The bushes are split (although it was impossible to tell where the seam was on the old ones). I made a simple drift to get them in.

Pressed them in:

The new bushes were actually a little too tight. I don't have a good way to ream then, so I used a brake cylinder hone to get the fit right.

Crank is ready to go together. It's been de-sludged, and all the oil galleries cleaned and flushed. It has been ground 0.010 under, and gets a new sludge tube (ruined the old one extracting it), and a new hex plug (likewise). New big-end bearings, too, obviously. Also new big-end cap nuts. Some say the big-end bolts should be replaced, too, but I've never done that on other engines. Factory manual recommends new nuts.

I thought I'd have main bearings today so I could assemble the case. The ball bearing on the right side was easy, but the roller bearing on the left had to be ordered. First quote I got for the roller bearing was almost $200, but I eventually found it for less than half that.

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