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Honda GL1800 Gold Wing 2006 - Chronicle of bringing a 2006 GL-1800 to life. Part 3.
Honda GL 1800
Honda GL 1800
4w ago

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing 2006 - Chronicle of bringing a 2006 GL-1800 to life. Part 3.

Got some more material for my chronic thriller.

Well, first of all, I took everything from the paint shop. At first I didn't want to show the color, intrigue like, then I thought - still assembled it will look quite different, so - here is a detail.

It takes up a lot of space... I've driven by twice and put two layers on it.

To make it easier to change the throttle cables, I put in a steering wheel.

Who changed the cables? Nobody did. One broke, the other one's on its last legs.

To change the cables I had to rush to the store for antifreeze before the stores closed. I added some other little things to have something to do during the quarantine period. On arrival I found in the garage antifreeze for one more fill.

Why do I need antifreeze, you ask? Because it's a Honda. You know why they say it never breaks down? Because nobody wants to fix it, because half of the parts that need servicing are hidden in the bowels of this Honda.

So, to change the gas trophies, I took off the left radiator, tank, air filter housing (I hope I put it normally afterwards, and there will be no suction).

Here they are:

I also very quickly ran to re-sort the wheels, whether tire shops will also cover? I could barely get the rear one off, it felt like it was on thread locker.

The oldest and most beloved opposition game. Guess where the bolt came from.

Got it all back to the way it was

Removed the stupid Kiryakin foot, which rubs terribly against the pavement in turns and replaced it with the standard one:

And came close to the most unloved thing - wiring. I'm very worried that the bike has a Starline alarm system, and although it doesn't work, but damn!

Removed the easiest piece - wiring to the headlight and fog light units:

And here on this twist - power to the additional buttons above the brake car. I've left it like this for now - I'm waiting for a specialist in wiring Gold Wing, because most of the extra wires go into the standard harnesses and I'm not at all smiling to bite off something extra

I prepared myself a table to assemble the plastic and started assembling it

During assembly of course I turned the can of bolts upside down and now it looks like I'm missing some of the bolts. But nevertheless, I have assembled one case.

Started assembling the second one, the one with the hole in it. I tried to solder the hole, but without plastic it's so... it didn't work. In general, I ordered a can of polyester (I wonder if I will have enough for two coffers?), fiberglass mat, small things - jars, stirrers, mittens... As it arrives - I will glue the patches.

And that's all for today

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