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Part 2 - Service and replacement of pads on Brembo Gold P4.30/34 65mm calipers
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4w ago

Part 2 - Service and replacement of pads on Brembo Gold P4.30/34 65mm calipers

In fact, there are still many different compositions of pads, for track, civilian use, in my small experience - if you do not drive on the track, you need to put on the front civilian baked, and the rear carbon ceramic civilian. Tried the rear on organic - terrible brakes and rapid wear, and if you brake intensively on them, they overheat and start to stink and smoke, and also stop braking. Ah yes, a funny effect of carbon ceramic: the brake disk does not become shiny, but on the contrary becomes the color of indigo (no, it is not because of overheating).

Next, apply grease to the pad at the places of contact with the cylinders and the walls of the caliper, then there will be no squeaking and the pad itself will not be skewed during braking.

Install the pads in the caliper, they due to lubrication adhere to it and do not dangle, install the damping plate and put the guide pads, preliminarily and lubricate them, after inserting back fixing cotter pins in the guide pads and turn them to hide in the caliper, the upper one is still supported by a bracket.

That's all the maintenance, on the left is a washed and serviced caliper with new pads, on the right is an old dirty one with worn pads. It remains to install back on the bike and pump, I use DOT5.1, because with it is softer and more elastic brakes are squeezed, as if on the oil))))))

Thanks for reading to the end, here are the cross pad numbers for those calipers:

0 176
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