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How to remove rust from gas tank
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Today I am going to show you how I took care of the rust that was inside the gas tanks on my new winter project. The bike was originally registered in Florida and I suspect it was either in a flood o... more
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De-rusting Harley flywheel with electrolytic rust removal principle
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Hi Everyone! Today i am going to share with you how to take rust out of an old Harley motorcycle flywheel with the electrolytic rust removal principle. All you need is a plastic bucket (non conductiv... more
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Shovelhead frame repair in the top neck bearing area
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The bearing race was way too loose on the top of the 1980 frame for an unknown reason, and it need to be repair, so my friend ask me to take care of it for him, he heard that I have done something sim... more
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Shovelhead restoration
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Hey all, After comparing 3-4 major forums and their post-count-to-reply ratio, I've decided to post the rebuild here.Here's the background: It has sat in a warehouse for 16 years or more. It was... more
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