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"New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle" by Game Over Cycle

  • May 19 13:10 PM GTM
  • Custom
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The Poland-based Game Over Cycleshas worked since 2012 and produces original custom projects, including the world’s first tattooed motorcycle Cheyenne Recidivistand the Behemoth Bike. The guys have a talent for extraordinary motorcycles. The team added another unique creation to its lineup. On May 9, the GOCpresented the“New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle,” a custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob inspired by New York City and the Polish city of Rzeszów.


The bike was unveiled May 9 at Harley-Davidson of New York Cityafter being delivered on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Rzeszów.


  • wheels with Manhattan buildings engraved in metal, including such buildings as the Empire State Building, 1 World Trade Center, Flatiron, Chrysler Building, old WTC towers
  • exhaust pipe looking like the Chrysler Building, covered with 24-carat gold
  • ignition coil cover looking like The Oculus
  • front plow in the shape of old WTC ruins with the “9/11 Never Forget” inscription
  • fuel tank cap made from brass and imitating a $ 1 coin with Rzeszów-New York inscription
  • tank painting containing the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline


  • Revolutionary Act Monument: the most famous monument of the city placed in the middle of wheel among Manhattan buildings (covered with 24-carat gold)
  • air filter cover in the shape of city’s most known footbridge with Rzeszów’s coat of arms in the center (covered with 24-carat gold)
  • rear brake light and position light in the shape of the Rzeszów coat of arms
  • tank painting containing Rzeszów skyline

There are a lot of elements, created with brass, steel, and aluminum.The wheels, exhaust pipe, clutch cover, timing cover, and the front brake holder are gold-plated.

Can you imagine an even more custom motorcycle?