Damon Motorcycles announces Vehicle-To-Home electric motorcycle backup power
Damon Motorcycles announces Vehicle-To-Home electric motorcycle backup power
01 Jul 2020 Industry
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Damon Motorcycles is riding a surge in pre-sales for its upcoming electric motorcycles and is now announcing new markets and new features, including Vehicle-To-Home (V2H) backup capability.


Sales of electric two-wheelers have skyrocketed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While electric bicycles reaped early benefits from the shift towards personal electric transportation, electric motorcycles have also seen a boon in sales.

Now Damon Motorcycles is the latest to announce a sales surge, claiming an increase of 60% in pre-sales since March 31st for its upcoming Damon Hypersport electric superbikes.

The Vancouver, Canada-based company is apparently doing so well in North America that they are also now expanding sales into Europe as well.

As Damon Motorcycles founder and CEO Jay Giraud explained in a statement provided to Electrek:

“Our commitment to reinventing the future of motorcycling has been paramount amidst the devastating COVID-19 crisis. As the global economy slowly begins to rebound, we are excited to open pre-sales for the European markets and offer a safer, smarter and more sustainable motorcycle for the European two-wheel community.”

The Damon Hypersport is one of the most anticipated electric motorcycles yet to reach the street. It was unveiled over a year ago and touts impressive tech including shapeshifting geometry and a suite of sensors to provide never-before-seen rider aides.

The bikes sport impressive performance claims as well, including a top speed of 200 mph (322 km/h) and a range of 200 miles (320 km). Keeping with the 200 theme, the bike is also purported to sport a 200 hp (150 kW) motor.

Damon Motorcycles is simultaneously unveiling a new feature for its Hypersport electric motorcycles: Vehicle-To-Home (V2H) backup power. That will allow the Damon Hypersport’s 21 kWh battery pack to perform double duty, providing backup power to a home when necessary and serving as an emergency generator.

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates the average US home energy consumption at approximately 30 kWh per day, meaning the Damon Hypersport could provide around two-thirds of a day’s energy to the average US household. However, most homes would conserve energy in an emergency situation by running only essential devices, meaning the bike might be able to provide several days of backup power.

This might not be the prime selling point for a bike, but the utility of V2H backup power is quite compelling.

I found myself in the direct path of Hurricane Irma in 2017 and was out of power for five days after receiving a direct hit from the eye of the storm. With three of my electric bicycle batteries combined with a converter and inverter that I snagged a few days before the storm, I was able to keep my family’s cell phones, tablets and radios charged, and even run a fan (Florida in September without AC isn’t fun). So I can attest to how nice it is to have even a small amount of backup electricity stored on-site during times of emergency.

And that was with electric bicycle batteries. Imagine what you could do with a 21 kWh backup battery on wheels.

I imagine that one day, V2H battery backup power will be a given, as it simply makes sense. For now though, only a handful of car companies and even fewer electric motorcycle companies are exploring it, and so I applaud the effort.

Of course, the whole idea of V2H from a Damon Hypersport is moot if the bikes never make it to the road. It’s great to see $16M in sales, but I’ll be more excited when I see the first bikes rolling into customers’ garages.

Original Source [electrek]

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