Harley-Davidson Fat Feather Is a Retro-Styled, Beautiful Contradiction in Terms
Harley-Davidson Fat Feather Is a Retro-Styled, Beautiful Contradiction in Terms
2 months ago Custom
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Born just two years prior, in 2018, the two-wheeler did however manage to leave its mark on the custom motorcycle scene, and there are plenty of them trekking the roads of Europe, mostly in highly modified forms.


One of them is the one we have here, an FXDR reshaped to look like some sort of vintage beast by the hands of a German custom shop called Bundnerbike. It’s an older build of theirs, but seeing how we like to dig these gems up, we thought it is a perfect instrument to an even more interesting Sunday afternoon.


The shop performed its usual magic on the motorcycle, but this time decided to “draw exciting and innovative ideas from the past and convert them into something completely new, unique and simply breathtaking.”


For a proper stance, the FXDR was propped on 18-inch wheels (with the rear one 300 mm wide), and was gifted with an air suspension system, a springer fork, and Performance Machine brakes. Those are topped us by a swingarm, LED lamps on the rear fender, and a handlebar conversion up front.


The thing that contributes to making the bike what it is though must be the paint job, a play between white and blue on body elements, and black and chrome elsewhere. There are even ornaments running the sides of the fuel tank and on the rear fender to contribute even more to the vintage feel of the machine.


The German garage, as usual, does not say how much it cost to transform the FXDR into something that’s now called, as a cool contradiction in terms, Fat Feather.

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